Turkish Themed Acts For Hire

Traditional and contemporary Turkish entertainment for events: corporate or private

From jaw dropping sword jugglers to bejewelled belly dancers and live bands playing traditional instruments that include the oud and bağlama, our mesmerising Turkish themed acts provide unforgettable guest entertainment at special events around the world.


Our range of Turkish acts fuse together high-quality music, traditional culture and etiquette to create brilliant one-of-a-kind entertainment! 

Whirling dervishes, traditional Davul and Zurna performances, oriental belly dancers, sword dancers and authentic instrument ensembles, all steeped in history will transport you and your guests back to the 13th Century in a celebration of Turkish culture. Inspired by the likes of Rumi and ancient traditions from the Ottoman Empire, our authentic Turkish acts will fascinate guests. 

Performing in traditional Turkish dress, bringing to life the sounds of the oud, saz, violin, reed flutes, anatolian and bağlama our Turkish bands create a unique oriental atmosphere that will enhance any special event. Ideal as ambient background entertainment or as a centre stage performance that will really get guests up and dancing, our Turkish bands can tailor their performances to suit any size and style of event. 

Ideal for special celebrations and occasions, themed events, festivals, cultural events, shopping malls, private parties and corporate functions all of our Turkish acts have a real flair for performance and will make sure that your event – whatever it is – is completely unforgettable.