Singing Waiters For Hire

Talented singing waiters providing incredible vocal performances for a range of event themes: corporate or private

Ranging from west end stars to opera house legends, our spectacular singers offer world class vocal acts for a variety of events. Posing as regular wait staff until the perfect comically timed moment, our skilled entertainers captivate guests with extensive repertoire from the moment they break cover and surprise the crowd.


Offering the perfect surprise entertainment for a variety of special events, Singing Waiters offer a larger than life performance that is bound to have your guests in fits of laughter and singing along! 

Using highly professional, classically trained singers and award-winning West End performers, our Singing Waiters perform an impressive range of music with a set-list designed to excite any audience.

Popular with wedding receptions, corporate dinners, drinks receptions, charity events and much, much more, this light-hearted entertainment combines music and laughter to great effect, ensuring that your event remains memorable in the minds of all of your special guests!

As they greet guests upon arrival, our singing waiters, surprise waiters or opera singing waiters will pose as real staff; dressed in the same uniform and working alongside the real waiters or catering team. Guests will not suspect a thing as they serve with witty charm and professionalism; getting to know guests and building rapport throughout the evening. 

Then, when they are least expecting it, an ensemble of surprise waiters will burst into amazing vocals and beautiful harmonies, surprising guests and injecting a huge dose of energy into your event just when you need it!