Step back into the Golden Age of bygone elegance and relive the glamour and decadence of the Roaring Twenties with our range of sparkling 1920s style musical arrangements. 

Famous for its flirty flapper dancers, gangsters, illicit gambling and iconic Cotton Club stars, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald; this theme has it all! We are able to offer a vast range of quirky music and cheerful 1920s themed entertainment to help your guests really get into the swing of things and enjoy a stolen moment in time.

From toe-tapping Charleston to sultry jazz, authentic vintage tributes and Big Band style covers, each one of our acts boasts an extensive repertoire, which is packed with fabulous easy listening favourites from the jazz age. Hire a vintage 1920s style Charleston band for your wedding; book a Great Gatsby themed jazz band for your drinks reception or a prohibition themed band for your private party!

Adding sophistication and romance to any part of your 1920s themed event, our range of vintage acts will add a discreet atmosphere of heavenly sophistication to your special day.