Winter White Stilt Walkers

Winter White Stilt Walkers

Enchanting winter white stilt walkers with ethereal snow-white create a flutter of excitement at any event
Illuminated dresses with twinkling lights makes the stilt walkers sparkle in the night and really stand out from the crowd
Highly skilled performers deliver an effortlessly perfect walkabout act whilst interacting with guests and creating ample photo opportunities
Perfect for Christmas and winter events, Winter Wonderland, white themes, Fairytale themes and ice themed parties
Winter themed stilts walkers are based in the UK and available all over the world

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Our beautiful Winter White Stilt Walkers are enchanting and elegant characters that will add a touch of magic and beauty to your event. The stunning white stilt walkers are a walkabout act that elegantly make their way through your event with their ethereal snow-white gowns. Their elaborate and beautifully crafted dresses are adorned with luxurious white plumes of feathers, white satin and chiffon skirts that dance gently in the breeze with the soft glow of amber LED lights that catch the sparkle of the gems and pearls that are nestled into the detail of the costumes. 

Book the beautiful white stilt walkers as a totally unmissable winter themed walkabout act to bring joy to your event. The stilt walkers are perfect for those festive Christmas and winter events as well as Winter Wonderland and ice-themed parties. Featuring highly skilled professional performers, these impressive winter themed stilt walkers will tower above the guests and create a lasting impact. 

The highly elegant Winter White Stilt Walkers are brought to you by our very own award-winning production company who has worked on global events for brands such as; Red Bull, Ferrari, Bloomberg and Prada. The winter themed stilt walkers are based in the UK and available for events all over the world

Contact us at Scarlett Entertainment to book the Winter White Stilt Walkers. Our Entertainment Experts are happy to discuss your event at the planning stages to ensure you have an unforgettable experience and our production team is able to create fully bespoke costumes and entertainment options to make your event one of a kind. 

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