Acrobats and Hand Balancers For Hire

Elegant hand balance acts and gymnastic acrobats offer edge of your seat entertainment: corporate or private

With the grace and dynamic strength of Olympic athletes, our full roster of international standard acrobats and hand balancers are captivating. Hand crafted acts packed with creative movement, astounding flexibility, spectacular balance tricks and world class show quality.


One of the most elegant and versatile forms of entertainment on offer, acrobats showcase incredible and impressive feats of strength, agility and flexibility and are suitable for every kind of event, from product launches to gala dinners. 

All utterly unique and captivating no two acrobatic performances are the same, as each of our acrobatic performers have their own personal styles, which have been carefully crafted over their professional careers. 

Our acrobats offer a wide range of acrobatic genres from dance, to pole performance, to hand-to-hand and Acro-balance all of which will add a sophisticated aesthetic to your special occasion.  Each style of acrobatics lends itself more easily to certain genres; acrobatic dance and pole artist are perfect for events in need of an exciting high-energy performance, whilst the tenacity demanded by hand to hand and Acro-balance make them particularly suited to captive audiences.

Whether you’re looking for elegant ambient entertainment or a centre stage show, our acrobats can tailor and create bespoke performances that can be choreographed to correspond to a specific soundtrack and theme. 

Simplistic and minimalistic or extravagant to the point of excess, our acrobats provide unforgettable artistic entertainment that is sure to really impress your guests!