Cultural Shows For Hire

Rich in tradition and diverse in style, cultural shows to suit every theme of occasion: private or corporate

Vibrant Brazilian percussion, colourful Bollywood dance, elegant Russian ballet and astounding Chinese circus are just some of the inspiring cultural shows filling our diverse act roster. Enchant guests at your event with memorable traditional performances to suit any theme of event.


At Scarlett Entertainment we have a diverse range of internationally renowned cultural shows celebrating traditions from around the world, from the Caribbean to India, from Barcelona to Brazil, from Russia to Mexico and everywhere in between! 

All showcasing authentic costumes, music compositions played on original instruments, and traditional dance routines our cultural shows bring an authentic taste of some of the world’s most rich and vibrant cultures to your event ensuring that your guests are to a world of cultural delights! Whether you’re looking for a dance show, music show or extravaganza that combines the two we’ll have something to suit your needs. All of our acts can tailor their stage shows to incorporate any number of performers, specific cultural songs and dances and visuals. 

An authentic Roman gladiator show (without the bloodshed!), Bollywood dance shows, Russian folk shows, Brazilian Carnival shows, Kenyan acrobatic shows, Flamenco performances, Native American shows, Chinese circus shows and so much more are on offer. 

A great way to impress guests after dinner at a corporate event, enlighten audiences at a cultural festival or amaze spectators at casinos, hotels and resorts, our stunning array of authentic cultural shows will not fail to be a hit!