Brass Bands For Hire

Globally performing brass bands of every musical genre creating impactful event journeys: corporate or private

From regimental marching bands and traditional British ensembles through to vibrant Bollywood bands delivering a powerful entertainment punch, we have an inspiring musical solution to suit every creative vision. Hire from our artistically diverse roster of world class brass bands for an unforgettable audience experience. 


Whether your event demands some funky, infectious rhythms or traditional jazz-filled masterpieces, our vast range of brass bands and ensembles can provide something for every event. 

We represent everything from traditional marching bands and German-style oompah bands through to professional military bands, brass style bands with a unique twist and even Bollywood brass bands! The most popular brass formation is a quintet, but if your special event requires something a little different, our world-class acts are able to supply anything from a solo trumpeter, brass duo, trio or quartet.

Providing a unique fusion of expert music from a range of cultures, genres and styles, our acts can also perform a variety of musical styles too, from well-known pop and rock covers to Jazz, Funk, Soul, classical and more. 

Able to perform a broad variety of programs, many of our brass bands can perform either on stage or as roving acts making them perfect for carnivals, festivals, parades, corporate events, exhibitions, private parties or any occasion looking to draw attention and footfall.

With such a diverse and dynamic set of acts, we encourage you to hire a brass band for your event and enjoy the horns, the drums and the lively spirit of brass music!