Mime Artists For Hire

Comic mime artists capturing the imagination of guests at global events: corporate or private

As versatile as they are entertaining, our talented mime artists have the ability to draw captivated audiences at events all over the world. The ideal roaming act, our Marcel Merceau inspired silent performers provide solo and ensemble entertainment to amaze and engage guests of all ages.


Mime artists are a fantastic entertainment choice for international audiences and their brand of silent comedy has long been a popular form of performance made famous the world over by the likes of Marcel Marceau and Charlie Chaplin.   

At Scarlett Entertainment we have an extensive roster of exciting mime artists who have performed for big names such as BMW, Microsoft and Sony. All of our mimes are incredibly talented and are experts at increasing footfall at exhibition stands, engaging corporate audiences at dinner events and entertaining crowds at parties and festivals. 

From traditional mime with white painted faces and black and white costumes to more contemporary acts that employ more modern techniques, our mimes can offer a range of themes to suit any event. They can also tailor their performances to perfectly suit specific themes and incorporate branding and messages within a story. 

Available as playful interactive roaming acts or theatrical comic stage shows, mimes offer a versatile form of entertainment that will appeal to audiences of all ages and nationalities. 

Treat your guests to impressive silent displays of hilarious physical comedy and bring fun and laughter to your event