Corporate MC & Entertainer

Corporate MC & Entertainer

Multi-talented Comedian, Magician and MC, Jay Jay, specialises in audience engagement and enjoyment putting any crowd at ease
Fast becoming one of the hottest entertainers in the world today entertaining international audiences across the globe
Decades of experience performing as an engaging MC, delivering side-splitting comedy and enlightening audiences with keynote speeches
Impressed countless corporate clients including Audi, Google, Red Bull, Virgin, Sony and many more
Based in the USA and available for worldwide bookings to amuse, entertain and inform international audiences

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From Australia to Japan, USA to India, Jay is fast becoming one of the most in-demand entertainers and emcees on the corporate market today.

His ability to walk into a room and engage any type of audience is amazing to see. He mixes in his skill as a magician, comedian and even pickpocket to get audiences engaging and interacting with each other.

Having worked with the biggest brands, over 30 million views on youtube and engaged audiences in over a dozen countries, Jay is excited to work with you.


  • Master Of Ceremonies / Multi-Day Facilitation

Jay is a popular MC who will not only keep your event running smoothly but will also dazzle the audience with amazement, laughter and will have everyone interacting with each other for your entire event.

Whether you need an MC for your awards nights or a facilitator over your three-day conference, Jay has worked with all types of people, in all different business in three continents. Not only do you get an MC who tailors his presentation to fit for your event, but you get also get an MC who is fun, personable and engaging to all audiences he meets.

  • Comedy Show

Hold onto your watch, tie, belt and even your shirt! Jay’s brings his highly interactive and incredibly funny pickpocket show to your next event.

Nothing is safe from this man as he uses his charm, wit and light fingers to pick the pockets of anyone he meets. This act is extremely unique, fun and super interactive!

  • Keynote Speaker

After interacting with hundreds of thousands of people over the last 10 years, Jay has learnt a few things or two on connecting and engaging with people. He now uses his real-life experiences to help companies big or small connect and engage with their staff, clients and people.

Whether he shares his techniques over a 45-minute keynote presentation or he works with your team over a day workshop, Jay’s presentation is always super fun, educational, entertaining and most importantly engaging.

Keynote Topic: How To Effectively Communicate And Engage With Your Staff, Clients, People

To book our corporate MC contact our Entertainment Specialists, or to see more from our entertainer visit our Corporate Magician and Corporate Pickpocket pages.

  • Coca Cola
  • McDonald’s
  • Tata Motors
  • Audi
  • Hilton
  • Youtube
  • Red Bull
  • Sony
  • Virgin
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Google
  • BMW

" Your magic, comedy and one to one entertainment was the biggest hit at our event, thank you! "

Google, USA

" He hosted our global gala dinner and did an awesome job. We are so happy. It was the best one we've done in the last three years. "

Will @ Eventful

" An entertainment experience like no other is delivered day after day! "

Hilton, Australia

" I've seen this pickpocketing stuff in the movies, but to watch it live was incredible to see! "

Sony, Asia

" He was professional, reliable, super easy to work with and most importantly, entertaining! "

McDonalds, Australia

" His electrifying personality and ability to connect with anyone is second to none! "

Virgin, Australia

" We always love working with him as he always makes our events a success! "

YouTube, Australia

" He made the night fun and stress free for us! "

Coca Cola, Australia

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