Sporting Shows and Sport Acts For Hire

Amaze event guests with captivating sports demonstrations of athleticism, strength and agility: corporate or private

With a variety of notable athletes and sports performers on our extensive roster, book sporting acts and entertainment to inspire, amaze and excite. From high-energy jump ropers to elegant trampoline artists, there is an adrenaline fuelled act to suit every event size and theme.


Incorporating any number of sports performers from all different disciplines our sporting stage shows provide high-impact adrenaline-filled entertainment that will bring flair and excitement to your event!

Showcasing immense skill, agility and raw talent there is no better way to engage and inspire audiences than with live entertainment that audiences of all ages and nationalities can relate to!

Trampoline performers, jump rope acts, BMX riders, basket and football freestylers all fuse together acrobatics, gymnastics and freestyle tricks to create high-energy shows that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression in the minds of guests. Any of our sports performers can come together to create bespoke stage shows and can also incorporate specific themes into their performance on request, anything is possible – we have a burlesque trampolining act that really breaks the mould!

Filled with dynamism and lightning-quick speed and skill our sports shows are perfect for events in need of high-energy entertainment and are ideally suited to sporting or sports themed events and sports-related product launches. 

Energise audiences at your event with our fantastic array of sports freestyle performers!