Australian Themed Acts For Hire

Authentic Australian themed entertainment for special events: corporate or private

From incredible indigenous dance acts to brilliant bush bands, our roster of Australian themed entertainment offers exciting opportunity for exceptional guest experiences. Hire our versatile acts and custom themed productions for standout event occasions. 


Australia has a long history of entertainment, beginning with indigenous dance and songs of aboriginal groups and moving on to encompass Australian ‘bush music’. From the ancient to the modern, at Scarlett Entertainment we are on hand to treat your guests to a bush-whacking good time and bring a taste of the outback to your event.  

Nothing says Australia like the tones of a didgeridoo. The distinctive sounds of this ancient instrument are synonymous with Australia, evoking images of the sprawling Australian outback and indigenous tribes.  Whether you’re looking to create ambience, offer a full cultural experience with additional performers or give delegates the chance to take part in an exciting workshop, our didgeridoo players can tailor their act to suit you. Alternatively, you can add an Aussie flavour to your event with a rip-roaring authentic bush band, playing traditional bush ballads as well as more contemporary songs!

Bringing to life Australia’s ancestry we have a range of incredible dance shows showcasing aboriginal songs, dance and storytelling with contemporary western instrumentation and jazz. In each show, authentic dress, songs and dance routines combine to tell an ancient story steeped in tradition and spirituality. 

Ideal for themed events and festivals, shopping malls, corporate and gala events, holiday resorts and cruise ships, our Australian themed entertainment will make your event one to remember.