Cabaret Dance Acts and Cabaret Dancers For Hire

From the ‘can can’ to the dazzling Charleston, our cabaret dance acts pack a powerful entertainment punch: corporate or private

Stunning costumery and delightful choreography are all part of what makes our dazzling cabaret shows so very special. From gala shows to soirée entertainment, our talented cabaret dancers are an inherently glamorous visual delight.


Wow guests at your event with one of our fantastic cabaret shows - all singing, all dancing extravaganzas that are sure to impress!

What is cabaret?

Cabaret is a form of live entertainment that features a combination of performance arts including dance, music, and theatrical drama, but unlike vaudeville is aimed at the adult audience. Originating in France in the 1800s, cabaret culture has always been a form of expression for poets, artists and composers - hence the eclectic nature of cabaret dance shows. Traditionally performed in restaurants, nightclubs and even cafes in the evening, cabaret can take on many forms and themes. 

Cabaret dancers for hire

Jam-packed with talented professional performers, stunning costumes, and extraordinary choreography, each of our cabaret shows promises to astonish and delight audiences at your event. Featuring amazing can-can routines, sexy burlesque acts, striking martial arts displays, fast-paced Charleston dances, humorous emcees, and top quality live music; our cabaret shows provide one of a kind entertainment with something for everyone.

Hire cabaret dancers for your event and you can expect a diverse range of themed costumes to be available to suit your event theme; French, Brazilian, Great Gatsby, Wartime, Vegas, and Bollywood - to name only a few. 

Perfect for your private party, gala dinner, corporate function or themed event one of our dazzling cabaret shows is sure to leave a lasting impression on guests and be remembered for all the right reasons.

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