Graffiti Artists For Hire

Hire Groundbreaking Graffiti Artists to Transform Your Event Space: Corporate or Private

Our world-renowned graffiti artists have the ability to turn any environment into an incredible work of visual art. Hire our highly individual artists to create bespoke artwork within a pre-existing space or watch your event come to life as they paint live in front of your amazed guests.


An art form that has long been associated with anti-establishment and gang culture, graffiti was brought into the mainstream by well-known graffiti artist Keith Haring in the 1980s and has since seen big names like Banksy reach world-wide fame for their unique and emotive pieces. 

Often satirical with a dark humour, works of graffiti art are not just an effective vehicle for personal expression but also for advertising brands, companies and brightening bleak spaces. 

Our graffiti artists create fantastic and distinctive works of art that layer intricate and flowing letter forms, shapes, line work and colours to create art in a range of styles including photorealistic, traditional and abstract. Our artists work with their clients to create bespoke pieces of any size that have a unique representation and can incorporate specific imagery and branding.

Painted on surfaces like interior and exterior walls, vehicles, shop shutters and canvas, graffiti is a versatile art form that effortlessly draws attention and leaves a lasting impression. 

Perfect for advertising and marketing campaigns, promotional events, PR and brand launches, one of our graffiti artists will be a unique addition to your event.