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Discover outstanding art-based entertainment for events

Browse our roster and discover a world of talented artists for hire for corporate and private events. From light painters and graffiti walls to coffee artists and mosaics, we have an enchanting selection of acts to choose from.

Why hire an artist?

Live event art encourages creative thinking and provokes conversation. It’s a fantastic way to make a statement and promote key messages without saying a word. Whether it’s a live ice carver or traditional origami artist, every act on our roster is incredibly flexible and can offer anything from brand giveaways to dramatic stage shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I achieve with art based entertainment?

When it comes to art, the possibilities are endless. From live art shows and spectacular installations to decorative props and personalised giveaways, our roster contains an eclectic mix of art-based entertainment that can set the desired tone for your event.

Which art based acts are suitable for customisation?

The great thing about art-based entertainment is that there’s so much room for customisation. Brand colours, logos, key messages and imagery can all be incorporated into an artist's work to promote brand awareness.

What materials can be used?

An artist's materials will vary depending on their style and creation. From classic watercolours and paper cutters to glitter, silk and copper, our artists' creativity knows no bounds.

How can I find artists for hire near me?

The easiest way to find an artist for hire in your local area is by typing your city into the location search bar at the top of the page. You can also use the location drop down menu on the left hand side of the page to further refine your search.

Can I hire an artist outside of the US?

Yes. We have lots of artists on our roster with the scope to perform on an international level. However, some acts have substantial tools and materials that can’t always be shipped with them due to airline restrictions. In this case, we will help with logistics and can advise on where artists may source supplies locally to your event.

Origami Artist USA
Featured Act

Spotlight on Origami Artist USA

Make your event a memorable one with incredible origami art that makes for special mementos for guests. Using impressive paper folding skills, our Origami Artist pays homage to the traditional Japanese art form as she creates delicate works of art perfect for special occasions. Based in California, she can wow guests with her artistic flair at events across America and all over the globe.

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CASE STUDY: Rubik's Cube Custom Artwork in Dubai

Looking for spectacular art-based entertainment that would develop throughout the day, Dubai Summer Surprises festival came to us with a brief for shopping mall entertainment. 

Our answer was our Rubik Cube Artist - an internationally renowned live event artist who wows passersby with beautiful artwork created from up to 5000 Rubik’s Cubes. Building bespoke art specifically for the event, he crafted a different artwork for each day over six hours showcasing iconic images of Dubai. On the final day of the festival, the last artwork was gifted to the Dubai Government.


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Daniela’s top tips on art entertainment for events

Things to consider before you hire an artist
Sand art for special occasions

Popular for its sentimental value, sand art provides a magical experience for all guests to enjoy and is a meaningful way to celebrate a special someone. From christenings and birthdays to weddings and corporate anniversaries, sand art is our go-to entertainment for an event or special occasion.

Fashion illustrator for branded giveaways

Add a sophisticated touch to your event with an elegant fashion illustrator who can add personalisations to their drawings to increase brand awareness. A charming addition to private parties, VIP launches and corporate events.

NYC Fashion Illustrator

New and Exciting Art Based Entertainment

Looking for an artist for hire for your next corporate or private event? Blow your guests away with our talented NYC Fashion Illustrator whose style can compliment any product launch, store event and PR stunt. Guaranteed to draw a crowd, she can transform event attendees into fashionistas and provide them the drawing as a special memento to take home. Based in New York City, our innovative Fashion Illustrator is available for events throughout the USA and worldwide.

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Who are some famous Art Based Entertainment?

  • Denny Dent, Speed Painter Ambidextrous Denny Dent is thought to be the pioneer of speed painting in the United States, introducing live performances in 1981, and known for painting large portraits of celebrities. Rapidly painting on a 6-foot-tall black canvas with multiple brushes in both hands, as well as painting with his bare hands, he often performed to a musical accompaniment. Over the course of just a few pop or rock songs, he would complete a portrait. His subjects were most often musicians, but also included other entertainers, sports figures, and political leaders - one of his most famous performances was at the Woodstock '94 concert.
  • Kseniya Simonova, Sand Artist A Ukrainian artist, Simonova began experimenting with sand animation at night before performing in 2009’s series of Ukraine’s Got Talent. She presented a two-minute sand story and was selected as a semi-finalist before moving the audience to tears with her emotional stories and going on to win the competition. Since 2009, she has been invited as a special guest with her performances at important events all over the world, collaborated with symphony orchestras, and become an online phenomenon.