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Choosing a Children and Family Show

Entertaining the little ones can be a real challenge but we’re here to make it easy! Whether you’re looking to entertain the local community, celebrate the holidays, educate or simply keep the kids occupied, we have a range of shows to suit your needs. 

From custom children’s shows featuring lovable characters in colourful costumes to fully-fledged pantomimes that induce endless giggles. Many of our family-friendly productions are inspired by the likes of Disney, childhood stories, popular films and TV favourites. There’s something for everyone to amuse adults and captivate children at your next family fun day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Children and Family Shows?

Children and Family Shows are entertainment that the whole family can enjoy such as theatre productions, stunt shows, interactive stage performances and more.

These types of shows are suitable, not just for family functions but also for corporate family fun-days, children’s festivals, parades and even mall launches. Our children and family shows are hugely popular in the UAE as they drive traffic and increase footfall at large mall openings and seasonal events.

Do You Create Bespoke Family Shows?

Absolutely! As well as our huge repertoire of children and family shows, we can also create stunning bespoke shows tailored to suit your needs, event space and event theme. Many of our Entertainment Specialists have worked behind-the-scenes for leading companies, such as Disney, so we are no strangers to putting on large-scale productions. Let us work our magic and bring your vision to life.

What Themes Do You Have On Your Roster?

There are too many too count! From festive to cirque to fairytale. Our favourites include The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Mother Goose Club Live, Adventures of the Ice Queen to name just a few. Feel free to peruse our vast selection or contact one of our Entertainment Specialists to discuss the perfect fit for you.

Can Family Shows Be Performed Overseas?

Subject to the level of production involved, many of our Children and Family Shows are available to be performed overseas. It is worth noting that shows with substantial staging, decor and props could incur additional transportation charges. Whenever possible, we endeavour to source local talent, costumes and providers to keep costs down. 

Are Children’s Shows Suitable For Customisation?

Yes, many of our Children and Family Shows can contain elements of customisation. This could involve performers wearing branded items or incorporating giveaways for the audience; perfect for charity events, community projects or simply raising awareness. If you are looking for a fully customisable option, please get in touch to discuss the possibilities in more detail.

Magic Bubble Show
Featured Act

Featured Children's Show

Adored by children and adults alike, our Magic Bubble Show Performer has gone from strength to strength since appearing on Italia’s Got Talent. Taking viewers of all ages on a magical journey with his captivating walkabout and stage routines.

Believe it or not, bubbles are not just for children; our Magician regularly entertains corporate clients such as McDonalds, Fiat, Lancia, Argor Heraeus, BNL Gruppo and BNP Paribas. A true professional and surprisingly sophisticated, our performer is not your “typical” children’s entertainer. 

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CASE STUDY: Alice in Wonderland

The annual Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the most hotly-anticipated events in the tourism calendar. A prime opportunity to promote the very latest and greatest family-friendly entertainment from across the globe.

Scarlett Entertainment's Custom Creations department produced a remarkable 20-minute stage adaptation of Alice in Wonderland (performed daily) complete with a skilled cast, bespoke choreography and costumes. Perfectly timed to coincide with a recent film release, the show contained a reworked soundtrack of modern hits to appeal to a wide audience.

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Expert Advice on hiring Children's Shows

Our Head of Artist Development Daniela gives her top tips
‘Edutainment’ is Becoming Extremely Popular

Combining educational material and entertainment is becoming one of the most eagerly requested entertainment options for children and family shows. It’s a great way for maximising the impact and benefit of your entertainment choices, as you’re essentially getting two services instead of one! We have a range of shows that fit this genre, including an interactive dinosaur show and a Science Experiment LED Show and it’s a great way to spread environmental messages, introduce kids to science or encourage early development. 

Many Popular Shows and Characters are In The Public Domain

Many of our clients don’t realise that many classic tales are in the public domain, making them perfect for drawing footfall as an immediately recognisable storyline. We can also reimagine or update shows with new choreography, sound tracks and technology, adding a new flavour that makes it memorable. 

Beauty and The Beast Stage Show

New and Exciting Children's Shows

Our fantastic Custom Creations team created a bespoke stage show inspired by a childhood classic. ‘La Belle et la Bête’, otherwise known as Beauty and The Beast, takes audiences on a journey of self-discovery that culminates in a powerful message; the importance of realising inner beauty and treasuring friendship. A real hit with young viewers, this action-packed show features singing, choreographed dance routines and cirque skills.

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Who are some famous Children's Shows?

  • Le Petit Cirque The award-winning Le PeTiT CiRqUe performers have been dazzling audiences since their inception. These talented youngsters are revered across the globe for their cirque spectaculars and television appearances. Their staggeringly impressive routines are performed at an extremely high level for artists of such a young age, that it almost defies belief!
  • Bubble Show New York An eye-popping display of bubbles, lazers, and incredible special effects leave audiences wanting more. Even A-List celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres can’t get enough! Our Bubble Show New York will send imaginations soaring as high as the enormous bubbles that magically float away.