Martial Arts Dancers For Hire

Unmissable acts from a variety of martial arts experts to launch your event: private or corporate

Our world class martial arts dancers embody absolute control as they demonstrate complex movement disciplines that include capoeira, karate and kung fu. Contemporary performance meets cultural tradition in impressive displays of technical skill and ability.


Provide exhilarating and inspiring entertainment for guests at your event with our fantastic range of talented martial arts dancers.

An exciting blend of cultures, our brilliant martial arts dance shows will take audiences on a journey through several countries as they demonstrate a myriad of incredible and inspirational martial arts styles from around the world.

Fast-paced and unique, martial arts dance makes for compelling viewing, and is certain to captivate and enthral your guests. Our professional performers will wow them with their impressive strength, power, and speed, executing quick and complex moves with expert precision. 

Accomplished at a diverse selection of martial arts disciplines, our wonderful roster of acts can provide you with thrilling demonstrations of Brazilian Capoeira, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Karate, Chinese Lion Dance and much more, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on audiences of all ages.

Ideal for many event types, including corporate functions, private parties, festivals, themed occasions, product launches, ceremonies, cultural events and more; bring the wow factor to yours with our exceptional martial arts dancers.