Medhat Mamdouh Beatbox Recorder

Medhat Mamdouh Beatbox Recorder

Exceptional beatboxer Medhat Mamdouh plays the recorder while performing vocal percussion, creating his own unique sound.
This amazing musician brings a unique twist to popular tracks with his creative covers or can freestyle, making every performance distinct.
A former semi-finalist on Arab’s Got Talent, this beatboxing recorder player from Egypt amazed the judges with his incredible and one-of-a-kind performance.
With millions of views on social media, this AGT beatboxing recorder artist is guaranteed to wow guests at your next event or celebration.
Based in Cairo, Medhat Mamdouh is available to bring his unforgettable beatboxer and recorder performance to events worldwide.

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Beatboxing by itself is an impressive skill, and exceptional musician Medhat Mamdouh combines it with the recorder to create a truly unique and awe-inspiring sound. This innovative artist has crafted a live music performance style that will leave any audience amazed.

This beatboxing musician is a one-of-a-kind performer who will make a significant impact at your event. His live music can feature a simple setup of just him impressing the crowd with his recorder playing and beatbox skills. He's an exceptional freestyler, creating spontaneous songs that are hugely impressive, or he can perform from a varied repertoire. Alternatively, he can use a loop pedal to layer sounds and create an even bigger effect.

Beatboxing recorder player Medhat Mamdouh has taken his incredible act worldwide. From La Perle By Dragone in Dubai to touring throughout central Europe, this incredibly talented and unique musician made it to the semi-finals of Arab’s Got Talent, performed on America's Got Talent, and won first place in the Nokia ASHA Freestyle competition in Egypt.

Being an exceptional musician with an extraordinary act has garnered a lot of media attention. Many social media outlets, online press, and ABC News have featured him, and he has millions of views across his social media accounts.

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  • Tour in Austria , with storytelling festival after a referendum
  • on the best beatbox performer in the world that year.
  • Formula 1 in abudabi yasmarin.
  • Concert in Graz opera in Austria.
  • Bmw event in Germany.
  • Character Performer at la perle show in Dubai.
  • Voicemania festival in 3 times Vienna.
  • International Global Network Chicago USA Concert.
  • Concert with Orchestra in Egypt.
  • Dubai shopping festival.
  • Dubai Mall Event.
  • Mindvalley A-fest Jordan
  • The AUC in Egypt new campus
  • BUE in Egypt Concert
  • Music festival in India.
  • Sbaheya play Jeddah festival in Saudi Arabia
  • Bank play Reyad festival in Saudi Arabia
  • Cop27 Show in Egypt
  • Metro Music festival in Dubai.
  • Dubai mall festival in Dubai.
  • Expo 2020 concert in Dubai.
  • The Music Italian festival .
  • Mindvalley A-fest Dubai

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