Hire string quartets in the US

Set a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere at your next event with an incredible string quartet

Whatever the style, we will handpick the perfect string ensemble for you, to hit the right note at your corporate event, cocktail evening, classical concert, wedding day, ceremony or special occasion.

Why hire a string quartet?

String musicians are intimate classical musicians with the ability to set the perfect tone at any special occasion. Whether you’re looking for string quartets for weddings, private parties or corporate events, we have a selection of scalable acts that can perform everything from mellow background music to soulful and romantic melodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What string quartets do you offer?

We have a diverse range of all kinds of line ups on our roster including all-male, all-female and mixed. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be able to advise which quartets would work best for your event needs.

What can I expect from string quartet hire?

Our string quartets are fabulously versatile and can play traditional classical pieces as well as mix musical genres and instruments to create unusual arrangements. You might also consider an electric string quartet if you want to add even more of a contemporary feel to your string pop songs.

How can I find a string quartet near me?

If you’re looking to hire string quartets in your local area, you can easily filter your search to find what you’re looking for. Simply input the relevant keywords in the search bar followed by your location and click search. This will then bring up a page of relevant results which you can narrow down further using the drop down filters on the left hand side of the page.

Can I hire a string quartet outside of the US?

Absolutely! Our global roster lends itself to international hire so if you’d like to hire string quartets outside of the US, we can help. In the same way, if you’re holding an event overseas and require local talent, our Entertainment Experts can handpick quality acts and scout new string quartets for hire in the area to ensure you have exceptional options to choose from that align with your location and event requirements.

Acoustic String Quartet
Featured Act

Spotlight on Acoustic String Quartet

If you’re looking for a string quartet wedding ensemble to provide the perfect elegant musical accompaniment for your big day, we’ve got you covered. Introducing our beautiful Acoustic String Quartet; four professional musicians with a repertoire of timeless classical music selections perfect for setting a magical wedding ambiance. Based in Las Vegas, our Acoustic String Quartet is available to hire for events throughout America and worldwide.

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CASE STUDY: Comedy Strings on-board Viking Line’s Cruise Ferries

If you were ever under the impression that string quartets could be dull - think again! Our Comedy Strings Ensemble are absolutely hilarious, exceptionally talented, classically-trained musicians. Two comedy string ensembles boarded two of Viking Line’s cruise ferries and accompanied passengers on their voyage across the Baltic Sea and provided a daily dose of side-splitting musical melodies. 

Their shows are a crossover between a classical concert, a gypsy-folk extravaganza, an opera, a stand-up comedy set and a brilliant dance show all rolled into one! Following rave reviews from passengers and crew alike, you can expect to see our Comedy String Ensemble aboard Viking Line’s vessels in the near future!

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Daniela’s expert advice on string quartet hire

Things to consider before hiring a string quartet
There’s more to string than violin

We have a fantastic variety of string musicians on our roster including guitarists, cellists, harpists. We also work with artists dedicated to unique, obscure or culture-specific string instruments such as the Zither, Ehru and Kora!

Tradition is making a comeback

Classical music is becoming more popular among young people and we’re proud to work with an exceptional roster of talented young musicians on a regular basis. From evergreen orchestral music to new takes on old classics, our artists are attuned to classical traditions.

Rock n Roll Cellos

New and Exciting String Musicians

Representing a new era in music, these Rock N Roll Cellos have fused the past with the present by bringing the classical reputation of the cello and transforming it into a rock n roll legend. With their contagious passion for rock music and the cello and stellar reputation for being incredibly easy to work with, reliable and guaranteed to deliver an exceptional show, our cellists are the ultimate entertainment for all event types. Based in Florida, this talented duo are available for hire throughout America and all over the globe.

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Who are some famous String Musicians?

  • Hanine El Alam Award-winning violin sensation, Hanine is undeniably beautiful and seriously talented; she’s the complete package. Guaranteed to astonish international audiences and impress corporate clients at those important events. Her distinct approach to Arabic music, unbridled energy and incredible stage presence captivates any proud, transforming a music act into a stage spectacle. Hanine is an excellent example of a musician with a passion for tradition and an understanding of what excites a modern audience.