Caricaturists For Hire

Skilled caricaturists providing rapid likeness illustrations for events: corporate or private

Our extensive roster of skilled caricature artists offer a diverse range of illustration styles, providing completely original entertainment experiences for event guests. Able to create accurate illustrative likenesses within a matter of moments, our talented caricaturists provide both live entertainment and arts based giveaways for delighted audiences all over the globe.


Caricaturists are hugely popular with all kinds of events; exhibitions, trade shows, corporate events, private parties, weddings, special occasions and dinner dances. As they offer fun icebreaker entertainment that also leaves guests with a unique memento of the event to take home, it is no wonder why!

At Scarlett Entertainment we have a huge roster of international caricaturist all offering their own unique styles and techniques; from full colour to traditional black and white using pencil, ink or watercolour on paper, wood, fans or napkins! 

Able to capture an individual’s likeness and personality in just a few minutes, our caricaturists are all skilled artists with backgrounds in illustration, advertising and cartooning. Whether you’re looking for a funny highly exaggerated caricature style or something a little more sensitive but still entertaining, one of our talented caricaturists is sure to fit the bill. 

As well as offering personalised drawings on the spot, our caricaturists can also offer pre-drawn larger-scale caricatures to be presented to VIPs and special guests. They can also customise their caricatures to include company logos and designs for corporate functions. 

Moving from table to table and mingling with guests, our caricaturists help to create truly memorable events!