Hire robots for events in the UK

Power up your next event with ingenious robot entertainment

Featuring cutting-edge technology, our robotic shows are designed to draw attention and make a lasting impression at corporate or private events across the UK. So, what are you waiting for?

Why hire robot entertainment?

As technology continues to advance the entertainment industry, robots for events have increased popularity. With tons of versatility including custom-built features, it’s no surprise acts like Titan the Robot are a fan favourite for events in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of robot entertainment do you offer in the UK?

From interactive walkabout robots to fully-fledged robotic dance shows - we’ve got a robot act to suit every occasion. You can filter your search to view popular robot acts in your city or get in touch with us, where we can recommend a robot with your exact event in mind.

Can a robot advertise my brand?

Yes! In fact, many of our robots are hired for promotional event purposes because they act as an innovative advertising tool. Take Corporate Event Robots  for example, whose costume has a built in iPad that can be programmed to display key messages and brand logos.

What robot is right for my event?

Weather conditions, venue size, and whether your event is held indoors or outdoors all need to be taken into account when considering robot hire. Typically, our robots require big open spaces to perform, with some robot shows being designed specifically for open-air performances. If you’re unsure, our entertainment coordinators are always on hand to help and offer suitable suggestions that fulfil your event requirements.

Can I hire robot entertainment outside of the UK?

Absolutely! Our robotic shows are located all over the globe and can be shipped in advance once the transportation method has been agreed with the act/performer. In some cases, transportation costs are included in the price.

Can real robots be programmed to speak any language?

Thanks to advanced technology, real robots can indeed be programmed to speak any language, allowing them to interact with guests regardless of nationality.

Photo Robot UK
Featured Act

Spotlight on Photo Robot UK

Transform your selfie game with the Photo Robot! Considered the first robotic photobooth in the world, this act can provide instant prints, create videos and GIFs, and converse with guests in your brand’s tone of voice. 

Based in the UK, Photo Robot is a great promotional tool that encourages social media engagement while generating a buzz of excitement for event attendees.

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CASE STUDY: Titan at Formula 1

When Formula 1 approached us to provide entertainment for their events across Europe, we knew we had to supply a showstopper. And who better for the job than Titan the Robot

Titan spent his time working the crowd while repping the F1 logo on his robot bodywork. He shared lots of meaningful interactions with guests and entertained in VIP areas with the likes of Emma Bunton!

Fans and Formula 1 were elated with Titan the Robot and look forward to seeing him again soon.If you’d like to know more about Titan the Robot and how our robot hire works, get in touch with our UK Entertainment Experts today.


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Daniela’s top tips for robot hire

Things to consider before hiring robot entertainment
Venue restrictions

Many of our robots can’t move on loose surfaces, muddy terrain, or perform in poor weather conditions. Prior to hiring robot entertainment, you should ensure your event space has suitable grounds that are robot-friendly. 


Many robots on our roster can be personalised to fit perfectly into your event including pre-programmed voices, languages, event messages, and branding. This level of customisation extends to the robot’s bodywork, making it a popular entertainment option for corporate and private events across the UK.

Segway Robot

New and Exciting Robotics

Say hello to our Segway Robot- a fun and friendly robot that loves to interact with guests, pose for photos, and generate excitement. They can be programmed to display brand logos and effortlessly glide around your event to promote your business.

Based in 
Cheshire, our Segway Robot is a popular entertainment choice for trade fairs and corporate events across the UK. If you’re interested in hiring our Segway Robot or would like to learn more about the robot entertainment we have to offer, we’d love to hear from you.

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Who are some famous Robotics?

  • Titan The Robot Titan is an international superstar and a true robot icon! Towering above the rest at 8ft tall, Titan combines cutting-edge technology with the endearing human-like qualities of humour and theatrics. With A-list clientele including Rihanna and Jonathan Ross, Titan has cemented himself as a celebrity in his own right, and is one of our most hotly requested entertainers.
  • Segway Robot Our Segway Robot rose to prominence when it appeared in Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott’s music video for the song Antisocial. With over 51 million times, this impressive mobile robot has been incredibly in-demand ever since. Hire our Segway Robot to entertain guests during a cocktail reception, or to encourage passers-by to stop by a trade fair stand.