Musicians, bands or DJs for events: private or corporate entertainment

Perhaps the most time-honoured form of entertainment, live music is a must-have for any event! Browse our extensive roster of classical, cultural, contemporary, and fusion musicians and many more styles besides. Whether you’re after a solo performer or entire orchestra, our diverse roster has a line up for you.

Hire Live Music and DJs for Events

Arguably one of the most important elements of live entertainment, musicians, bands and DJs have the ability to set just the right tone and atmosphere for your event. Available in limitless styles, line-ups, and genres, we specialise in partnering you with the perfect live music act. 

Offering everything from themed 1920s and vintage music through to vibrant gypsy, jazz musicians, Indian and Bollywood bands, live bagpipers, specialist musicians, jaw-dropping beatboxers and rappers, our dynamic roster of live music and DJs provides a dazzling fusion of colourful energy, performed by the most talented musicians in the world.

Whether you require an interactive walkabout band for your outdoor event or a classical, virtuosic strings ensemble to create a romantic ambience at your wedding, our musicians will carefully gauge a ‘feel’ of your event, and select the most suitable music accordingly.

Browse repertoires, request special songs, discover new genres or combine DJs with live musicians; everything is possible with our enormous roster of professional acts.

Perfect for everything from private parties and carnivals, through to festivals, family events, celebrations, weddings and a range of corporate events, our live musicians and party DJs come in all shapes and sizes and are available to hire in various line ups to accommodate space and budget for every special event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bands can I hire?

You can have any you like! From solo musicians to full orchestras, our bands span diverse genres and can be put together to form any lineup. Whether it’s acoustic or amplified, or DJs with live musicians, cover bands, tribute acts, fusion ensembles, authentic cultural sounds, classical groups, themed bands and more - we have it all!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for among our acts, contact our dedicated entertainment coordinators. If you can’t find something right for you within our roster, we can use our global network of specialists to source something that is.

Find out more about our custom creations here.

Can I hire well-known musicians for my event?

Yes! Our roster includes well-known acts from a variety of TV talent shows including the X Factor, Got Talent shows across the world, The Voice and more. 

Looking for a particular act, DJ or band? Just ask. While we may not advertise the names on our website, we can often book them for you using our wide network of industry professionals.

What type of music act is suitable for a bridal entrance or wedding ceremony?

This depends on what type of wedding you want! Along with traditional music, many couples today are opting for modern choices or something unexpected to surprise guests. String quartets, harpists or classical singers are an elegant choice - they will have a range of traditional pieces in their repertoire and can advise on popular music for the bride’s entrance, as well as what to play while you’re signing the register and recessional music (the exit of the bride and groom).

Choirs of all kinds are also popular. From urban groups, gospel and barbershop to a cappella and classical vocals. Acoustic duos are also a fantastic choice as logistical needs are minimal, and if your venue has a piano what could be more beautiful than a live pianist

For Indian weddings, we have a huge range of traditional live music entertainment as well as fusion artists for a modern take on the tradition!

The choice really is yours, but we can help you book live music for hire by finding out more about your venue, the type of wedding you’d like to have and the mood you’re looking to create.

What unique DJ options do you have?

We love DJs that add a little something extra to their performance. Adding a live musician is a great way to create an Ibiza vibe for both chillout or party atmospheres. A DJ and Sax or electric violin can add glamour to a rooftop terrace or club night.

Along the same lines, many of our DJs can offer laser or lights shows. You can even add dancers for higher impact - LED Tron dancers, fire dancers, themed costumed dancers… whatever you like! 

Technology enables DJs to create stunning multi-media shows with video mapping, projections, or live VJ performances that involve real-time manipulation of imagery synchronised with their music. 

Can I choose all the songs I’d like the band or DJ to play?

The set list and repertoire of our bands and DJ’s can be customised to suit your preference. Firstly, we would recommend finding the band, musician or DJ that best aligns with the style of music you would like at your event, we will then work with you to create a set list that compliments your occasion.

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