Aerial Chandelier Texas

Aerial Chandelier Texas

Performing from a sparkling and unique aerial apparatus, our talented aerialist is sure to captivate your audience
Watch a beautiful and high-class aerialist perform feats of aerial artistry underneath a luxurious chandelier
A fantastic option for 1920s, Great Gatsby, Red Carpet and prohibition themes, this aerial act bridges the gap between decor and performance
Choose the option to add aerial bartending underneath this spectacular apparatus for an engaging and interactive moment
Perfect for corporate events, private parties, gala dinners and other glamorous events, in Texas and throughout the USA

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A gorgeous and unique aerial apparatus that will take your event to the next next level of luxury. Watch as a beautiful aerialist dangles underneath this giant aerial chandelier, performing captivating routines that create an air of elegance. 

Do you wish to include an interactive element? Choose to add aerial bartending from underneath this dazzling structure. Your guests will love being served their favorite drinks from overhead by our spectacular aerial dancer. This is a fantastic photo opportunity for guests and a memorable experience that is sure to be talked about for years to come. 

This apparatus is the perfect addition to Great Gatsby, 1920s, prohibition and red carpet themed events. A fantastic way to add a bit of luxury and class to your corporate celebration, private party, gala, or other high-class events. 

A memorable and eye-catching spectacle that is sure to be the highlight of your event. This captivating aerialist is highly skilled and her aerial chandelier is an apparatus that is rarely seen at events. 

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