Print Yourself In 3D

Print Yourself In 3D

Incredible lifelike 3D printed figurines of you or anyone of your choice
Involves high quality scanning and 3D printing technology
Takes 3D printing to a whole new level of ingenuity
Clients include Toyota, Ted Baker, Topman, Comic Con London and Baringa
Available to hire for events Worldwide

Print Yourself In 3D PHOTOS

Print Yourself In 3D offers the opportunity to make small lifelike replica 3D figurines of yourself, company directors, colleagues, team or pretty much anyone you like, as long as you can get them in the booth. The high-tech, state of the art technology essentially offers you with a 3D selfie. This cutting edge entertainment will fascinate those involved and is a guaranteed one-of-a-kind experience. It is entirely up to you what you use the 3D figurines for but they make ideal corporate gifts, trophies, wedding cake toppers and can be used for marketing purposes.

The process is very simple. The Print Yourself In 3D team set up a scanning booth at your event and subjects take it in turn to stand in the booth whilst 64 DSLR cameras capture all shapes, angles and colours as quick as a flash in 2D. They then use custom built software to turn the images into 3D data and 3D printing to create the lifelike figurines. The turnaround is usually within two weeks of the event taking place.

Print Yourself In 3D will come to you as an easy way of involving your subjects in a totally unique 3D selfie experience. The team require a maximum of 4 hours to set up the scanning booth at your event and only need a space approximately four by four metres and a height of two and half metres high. They will be able to capture around 240 scans in a four hour period.

The 3D printing service is very customisable and it is possible to include company logos or branding on the base of the 3D figurine. Depending on the design or complexity, a simple shape and logo can be mocked up within 24 hours. You can chose between full body figurines of 15, 20 or 25 cm or busts of 10, 15 or 20 cm.

If the idea of 3D selfies sounds good to you, then this cutting edge entertainment is the perfect choice. Contact us today to book Print Yourself In 3D and get yourself a 3D figurine made.

Booking Tips:
• Creates amazing lifelike 3D figurines
• Easy process doesn't take much time
• Unforgettable and unique experience
• Cherishable figurine is yours to keep forever
• Scans at event delivers goods at later date

  • Comic Con London
  • Ted Baker
  • Topman
  • BT for Retail Summit
  • Robert Lewis
  • Toaster Ltd
  • Toyota
  • Baringa



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