Event Fireworks Spain

Event Fireworks Spain

Our event fireworks Spain company was founded in 1955 and have been providing a diverse range of fireworks and decorative items ever since
A pyrotechnics service that maintains its traditional essence whilst offering the latest technologies in the firework and pyrotechnic industry
With a number of fireworks, firecrackers, luxury rockets and more on offer our experts can guarantee the perfect addition to every event
Our pyrotechnics Spain can be used for corporate events, private parties, celebrations, National days, festivals and more
Based in Malaga Spain and available for worldwide bookings

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With an outstanding range of fireworks available, watch as the sky is transformed into a glowing masterpiece of colour with the fireworks of your choosing! Fabulous for New Years Eve events, corporate celebrations, birthdays, weddings and any occasion that wants to brighten their guests evening with a stunning firework display. Our event fireworks Spain boast the ultimate finale, grand opening and celebration that brings joy to guests of all ages as they sky becomes alight with colour and dazzling fireworks

Specialising in all types of pyrotechnic shows our pyrotechnics Spain experts can create the perfect display especially for your event, tailoring it to your likes and your event to make for a dazzling addition to your special occasion. 

Our fireworks for hire offers a stress free and relaxed service that allows you to take a step back from all the planning as our experts design the perfect show for your event with all the fireworks and rockets you have chosen.

Whether you want your event fireworks to be displayed on land, over water, to music or via flight,  our specialists work closely with you to provide the perfect firework display that celebrates your event, brand and occasion. 

For public events our event fireworks Spain can provide the following:

  • Castles of fireworks
  • Terrestrial displays
  • Water based firework displays
  • Pyro signs
  • Multimedia entertainment

Guaranteed to provide a mesmerising firework display our pyrotechnics in Spain have been featured at many high end events across Malaga and wider Spain, wowing guests and boasting the perfect addition to every event. 

Top Tip:

Fireworks are the perfect way to make a statement and bring joy to all guests, encouraging everyone to come together and boasting the perfect finale to your event. 

To hire our event fireworks in Spain or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.