Think It - Move It - Believe It

Think It - Move It - Believe It

Test the limits of your brain with these interactive neurological games
Making telekinesis possible, this amazing team building entertainment offers a range of games that you play with the force of the mind alone
Fun for all the family, kids and adults alike will love these energetic interactive activities
The ideal educational entertainment option for science fairs, conventions, trade shows, team building events and more
Book Think It - Move It - Believe It for events in Italy and worldwide

Think It - Move It - Believe It PHOTOS

At Scarlett Entertainment we love discovering acts that test the limits of human capabilities. Whether they are based on cutting edge technology or simply offer an educational entertainment option that teaches us something about the world we live in, we enjoy adults and children alike coming together to take part in fun interactive acts. Team building entertainment with a difference, Think It - Move It - Believe It is an activity that features a variety of neurological games. Making telekinesis into reality, the science games are controlled via wires measuring brain signals. An absolutely astonishing entertainment option, this brain bending act is guaranteed to get guests thinking!

Using a headset-sensor, all of the neurological games in this interactive act are controlled by the participants own strength of mind. Understanding the different ‘waves’ that operate in the mind - ‘Alpha’ related to meditation, ‘Beta’ related to concentration ‘Delta’ related to sleep and ’Theta’ dreaming, the headset is able to interpret the signals sent from the brain and translate these into action within each of the games.

Science Games 

  • Ball Tower: Using their minds, players can cause a ball to rise and fall within a plastic tower.
  • Mind Vs Mind: Facing off against another player, participants have to force a ball into the other person’s area using their brains.
  • Slot Car: Using only the minds, players race slot cars around a track in an exciting sprint to the finishing point.
  • Heli-Drone: A toy helicopter is controlled by nothing but brainpower. Make it hover or move around the room.
  • Music Appreciator: Watch your appreciation of different songs mapped in coloured charts as the tunes are played to you.

There are so many options available from our amazing neurological games. Each game can be tailored to the requirements of your event or the specific educational entertainment you are looking for. A fantastic option for both school groups or work parties, the interactive actives make a fantastic addition to team building entertainment within the workplace. Games can be as family friendly or competitive as you would like and all of them teach players how to be in control of their own minds and use the power within all of us to achieve amazing things.

A totally customisable and incredibly fun option for all occasions, get in contact with our team at Scarlett Entertainment today and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about the boundary pushing Think It - Move It - Believe It.