Bubble Show Dubai

Bubble Show Dubai

Interactive bubble show will delight guests of all ages
Amazing tricks with different sized bubbles
Available with 1-2 performers
Ideal for festivals, parties, corporate functions & more
Based in Dubai and available to perform at events worldwide

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A unique and mesmerising spectacle that will be a hit with audiences both young and old, this fantastic bubble show will amaze and surprise you as the comedic performers wow guests with a variety of bubble tricks.

Creating giant bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, smoke bubbles, close up bubbles, and even performing the impressive feat of placing people inside of bubbles; this show is guaranteed to get a great response at your event, and guests will love the interactive element of the show!

With undeniable charm and a quirky sense of humour, our Dubai based bubble performers are certain to get a lot of laughs and smiles, and their bubble tricks will make any event a memorable occasion.


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