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Booking Magic and Illusion

Mystifying and intriguing, our illusionists cast all kinds of magic

Spanning a whole world of magic, our roster of enchanting entertainment spans mix and mingle magicians, close up illusionists, customised magic stunts, grand stage shows and more. Book corporate magicians, world-renowned illusionists, magic acts of TV talent show fame, comedy magicians and much more besides.

Magic and Illusion

One of the oldest performing arts in the world, magicians and mind readers never fail to capture the imagination of audiences young and old. With countless sub-genres, opportunities to customise shows, incorporate branding and products, and tailor to event themes, hiring a magician offers a highly flexible and scalable entertainment option. 

Spanning a whole world of magic, our roster of enchanting entertainment spans mix and mingle magicians, close up magicians, illusionists, grand stage shows and more.

Especially powerful as a grand stage show, magicians and mentalists can enrapture a crowd of hundreds with incredible feats of conjuring, escapism, illusions, prediction and telepathy. Fantastic for when you want to create a real wow factor moment in front of a large audience, magic stage shows can incorporate live musicians, special effects and a cast of multiple performers that really pack a punch.

Close up magic is perfect for amusing guests at drink receptions or networking events as they drink, chat and mingle. Moving from table to table and mixing with a standing crowd, close up magicians perform astonishing mind reading routines and sleight of hand with guests’ personal effects as well as cards, branded props, and everyday items from the dinner table. More intimate and interactive than a magic stage show, having a magician and mind reader as a mix and mingle act is a great way to break the ice between guests. 

From slick contemporary routines with awe-inspiring digital magic and hilarious comedy magicians to vintage-inspired acts and themed shows, magicians and mind readers are sure to enchant even the most sceptical of guests!

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What type of magicians can I hire?

An ancient art, magic and illusion offer a hugely diverse selection of stunning sleight of hand, spectacles and shows. The first decision to make is opting for either stage magic or close up magic. 

Stage magic is as the name suggests - on a stage. This works well for a large audience or when you want a spectacular show of grand illusions, tricks and magic. Able to involve the audience for a more interactive show, a single magician can command an audience of hundreds with dramatic routines or comedy magic. 

On the other hand, close up magic is better in a walkabout or roaming format. Close up magicians are great for trade shows, can roam through your crowd entertaining as guests stand at a drinks reception, or moving from table to table in between courses for example. Often using objects from the table or personal effects from guests, as well as playing cards, digital devices and more, close up magicians are highly interactive and entertain small groups of people at a time. 

Both can be tailored to suit your theme, incorporate branding for corporate events, and be serious, fun or comedic in tone.

What’s a Bubble Magician?

Our bubble performers can create bubbles as big as cars, square bubbles, fire bubbles, put people inside giant bubbles, bubbles within bubbles and even square bubbles. 

Some of our bubble artists are not only great performers and magicians but are also experienced chemists that can carry out workshops and teach audiences the art of bubble magic.

Can I book magic acts from Got Talent TV shows?

We have a number of magic acts on our roster across the world of talent show fame. If they are not featured on our website just ask and we will use our network of industry specialists to book them.

Can a magician make our CEO disappear or a product appear?

Yes! A fantastic trick that will capture the imaginations of guests at corporate events or conferences, many of our magicians can create bespoke ways to incorporate CEOs or VIPs into their acts. They will work with you to develop concepts, rehearse with your CEO and make a splash for your corporate event. 

Also a fun performance for weddings, why not apply the same thinking to the bride or groom for a unique bridal entrance or evening entertainment?

What large scale illusions do you offer for events?

Are you looking to launch a new car or another large product? Large scale illusions can help you do this with flair! From high-tech video mapping and holographic illusions to floating people, escapism, dramatic teleportation and more, grand illusion shows create stunning spectacles for all kinds of events.  

Quick change illusions are another fascinating act. From modern themes to the stunning traditional face changing acts of Asia with jaw-dropping costumes and elaborate movements, this particular branch of illusions is sure to wow.