Japanese Entertainment

Japanese Entertainment

Iconic forms of traditional Japanese entertainment
Include koto players, origami, Japanese dance, calligraphy and much more
Collective offer culturally informative workshops
Will create amazing memories for international events
Based in Tokyo and available for events worldwide

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Delight your guests with some genuine authentic Japanese entertainment and let them marvel at the astonishing traditions, fascinating costumes and amazing performances. 

Based in Tokyo, this is a talented collective that offers a variety of Japanese entertainment options from stage shows and small acts to workshops and more. They have experience working with clients of all types at events worldwide. These incredible cultural shows are guaranteed to make a huge impact at your event. 

These magnificent forms of traditional Japanese entertainment date back thousands of years and are rich in history. The options available are brilliant for all manner of event types from corporate functions and opening ceremonies to private parties and public events. 

Types of traditional Japanese entertainment available are:

  • Koto player
  • Traditional Japanese with kimono and white make up
  • Tea Master 
  • Flower Arrangement 
  • Calligraphy 
  • Origami 
  • Kimono wearing experiences/displays
  • Cultural stage shows

The astounding koto player provides the perfect authentic musical background for Asian and Japanese themed occasions whilst acts like the dancer, with incredible white face make-up, are a perfect cultural display that will make for a memorable moment at any event. 

Alternatively, you could book your guests in for a Japanese workshop and take part in traditional activities such as origami, flower arranging and calligraphy. 

To book your traditional Japanese entertainment, simply contact us at Scarlett Entertainment. 

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