Oasis Tribute Band

Oasis Tribute Band

Reproduce the rousing anthems, stage presence & atmosphere of Oasis
Including all the hit’s from all seven albums, live favourites & B-sides
Liam look-a-like has appeared for BBC1, Sky, ITV, HMV, Virgin, Lloyds Bank
Popular with corporate events, clubs, themed nights, festivals, parties...
Based in the Midlands and available to perform at events worldwide

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Well, OASIS are no more. The back stage bust ups and public slanging matches on Twitter proved too much for this great British band.

Thankfully, their No1 Oasis Tribute (now in their twelfth year) don’t share the same sibling rivalry as the real thing, but they do have a lot in common when it comes to reproducing the rousing anthems, stage presence and atmosphere that the originals created. With over two hours of material to draw from, including all the hit’s from all seven albums, live favourites, B-sides and a couple of Noel’s acoustic number’s, when the boys start there’s no stopping them. And who wants to stop when everybody’s having a good time? As one pleased punter said after the band played a gig 200 miles away, “I’m going to see the real Oasis in Manchester later this year and if they are half as good as you guys, I’m in for a bloody good night!”

Lead singer Ian bears an uncanny resemblance to Liam and has worked as a look-a-like in the UK appearing on BBC1, Channel 4, Sky TV and ITV. Publicity campaigns and advertising for HMV, Virgin, Q Magazine, Loaded, Royal Bank Of Scotland, Lloyds Bank and the National Press. Ian was also asked to star in a video for heavy metal legends MOTORHEAD as Liam and also providing a voice over for a recent documentary accompanying the new Oasis-”Time Flies” DVD. To add to this, Ian has the knack of sounding like Liam too and was asked to provide the vocals on a dance remix of Wonderwall set for release in summer 2010.

Paul Mitchell takes up the reigns as Noel and mimics the riffs and lead breaks with such precision you’d think you were listening to the CD. A very loud CD. While the rhythm section of Kev Pyne on bass and Pete Coppard on drums keep everything locked together and completes the Oasis family.

So, as good as the real thing? Well they...DEFINITELY MAYBE.

  • Wonderwall
  • Some Might Say
  • Cigarettes And Alcohol
  • She’s Electric
  • Champagne Supernova
  • Live Forever
  • Roll With It
  • What’s The Story (Morning Glory)
  • Don’t Look Back In Anger
  • Supersonic
  • Hindu Times
  • And many more...
  • Go Let it Out

" Fantastically organised and a fantastic performance which really got the audience going. "

Jade Bestley

" The band were undoubtedly the best Oasis tribute band I have ever seen. They completely got the crowd going and during performance it was impossible to tell that they weren't actually Oasis. "

William Norris

" The guys were tremendous on the day and its just a shame we didn't have more people 'cause everyone who was here was blown away. "


" Just want to say what a fabulous group these guys are, they put on a better show than the real thing! Very professional, very down to earth, focused on pleasing the crowd and we had a brilliant night. Also, to anyone thinking of hiring these guys then you must, no words will be good enough to describe how good they were. We will definitely be having them back again in the near future.Anyway to wrap it up... great guys, fantastic performance, brilliant night, and thank you very, very much! "

Ducking Stool in Leominster

" I would just like to say that the band were amazing and totally made the night, there were very friendly offstage and their performance was excellent, by the end of the night they had the whole room bouncing!My son and his friends are all massive Oasis fans and the band were chatting with them before and after the set and had some great banter with them during the set. I have been receiving messages all weekend from people saying how much they enjoyed it. "