Fake Paparazzi Photographers

Fake Paparazzi Photographers

Believable fake paparazzi will make guests feel on top of the world.
Professional paparazzi impersonators can double as real event photographers.
Our Fake Paps provide the perfect interactive entertainment to keep guests engaged.
Memorable red carpet photographers are ideal for themed events, private parties, and more.
Our Fake Celeb Photographers are available for bookings across the UK and worldwide.

Fake Paparazzi Photographers PHOTOS

Bring the glitz and glamour of a big Hollywood red carpet premiere to your event and have guests feeling like A-list celebrities with our sensational fake paparazzi. Our red carpet photographers will treat your guests like the A-list crowd and have them posing and laughing as they snap away at their cameras. Doubling as real photographers, our fake celeb photographers can either be booked as spoof photographers to give your event that extra push to stardom or they can provide real edited pictures after your event to really make it the real deal to further create a lasting impression. Our fake paps bring world class interactive entertainment to every event, leaving guests laughing and smiling throughout.

Our fake paparazzi are gearing up to make your event a memorable one as they interact with guests at the front door as they walk in, or on the floor creating atmospheric bliss that will have guests believing their at a world premier of sorts. Equipped with an authentic press pass, our red carpet photographers will help capture your brand revealing, corporate speech, or other brand awareness conquests to further push your company to the top with beautiful photos.

Our remarkable fake celeb photographers are the ideal entertainment choice for corporate events, private parties, gala dinners, art shows, and much more. Our fake paps can also be paired with a number of other acts currently featured on Scarlett Entertainment, and are easily equipped to fit within any theme.

If you're interested in making guests feel like celebrities and want to book our outstanding fake paparazzi photographers for your next event or gathering, get in contact with any of our team members today who are more than happy to help you finalise your booking choices and answer any questions you might have.