Music Festival Virtual Bingo

Music Festival Virtual Bingo

Musical Festival Bingo is packed full of epic headline performances, party beats and acoustic sets from a range of music genres
Relive epic performances from artists at some of the world's biggest festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella, Sziget and Burning Man
Guests will be tested on their music knowledge, perception skills and festival trivia as they race to cross off all the clues on their bingo card
Our host will be there to welcome virtual guests, explain gameplay and will be there to encourage interaction and ensure everyone enjoys the show
For the ultimate festival experience, add on our VIP festival gift boxes filled with treats, a drink for the event and additional party props!

What happens in the Musical Festival Virtual Bingo?

Your Music Festival Bingo host will be on the virtual event to welcome guests and set the tone for their hour of festival themed fun! The host will make sure everyone knows how to use their bingo cards and will explain the rules of gameplay. 

Throughout the event, guests will see and hear a series of clips of festival performances. The virtual bingo game is more than simply recognising the song or the artist, guests will be quizzed on festival trivia and have to keep their eyes peeled for visual clues. 

How do guests receive their bingo cards?

Players are provided either with a digital bingo card which they can use on their tablet, smartphone or they can choose to print out ahead of time. 

We can provide custom printed bingo cards as an add-on or we can include these within a VIP festival gift box which we send to guests before the event. 

How long is the Music Festival Virtual Bingo?

Each bingo game is 60 minutes long. We can create shorter or longer games based upon your needs ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes in length. 

How many participants can take part?

This experience is available via Zoom and therefore can accommodate up to 500 guests. Please enquire if an alternative platform is required.

What’s included in the VIP festival gift box? 

Our VIP festival gift box is designed to give guests everything they need to get into the festival spirit. This can include a drink and snacks to enjoy throughout the event, inflatable instruments and festival inspired headgear. You can also choose to have your bingo card printed and a personalised notecard.

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