Holly White Virtual Juice Class

Holly White Virtual Juice Class

Learn the basics of juicing with author, TV presenter, blogger and journalist Holly White in this engaging virtual workshop
Qualified plant-based nutritionist Holly doesn't just teach guests the basics of juicing she'll advise on how to incorporate them into everyday life
Classes are very tailorable and can cover using seasonal ingredients or juicing to boost your immune system
Each participant receives a digital workbook crammed full of hints, tips and delicious recipes to make this a life-long healthy habit!
Holly has over 25k Instagram followers and her previous clients include Thrive Wellness festival Ireland, Taste of Dublin and Survey Monkey

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1. How does this class work?
 This is a live-streamed event typically held over Zoom, although alternative video conferencing platforms will be considered.  Holly works from her kitchen using a high-quality, mac Laptop camera for the footage. Holly begins each workshop with a brief intro into her journey into juicing and a healthy lifestyle before moving on to the benefits of juicing. In this workshop, Holly covers how to set-up your kitchen for juicing success and demonstrates some basic and delicious juice recipes. She'll also discuss how to tailor your creations for different flavour pallets, different benefits and just to make them your own! Finally, Holly can discuss how to design your own juice cleanse if it's something you would like to try in the future.

If there's time at the end of the workshop Holly will also include a Q&A session with guests, however, questions can also be submitted throughout the event through the video conferencing platforms chat function 

2. What do guests need to participate?
There are several ways to participate in this activity. Although it is encouraged that guests 'juice along' with the workshop this is by no means a necessity and guests can still engage and participate via the online chat function on the video conferencing platform! If guests did want to follow along with Holly they will need a juicer to make the drinks or a blender if you are following a smoothie demonstration. They will also need the ingredients and Holly will issue a shopping list for these prior to the event, they won't be difficult to acquire and should all be available from your local supermarket. 

Otherwise, guests will just need a device to watch the workshop on, strong internet connection and they will be issued a digital workbook for the event that contains lots of fun recipes and information to get the most of juicing! As the event host you will also need a suitable video conferencing platform for your number of event guests.

These workshops are just as interesting and engaging for those following along with the recipes as for those who aren't as with over 15 years broadcast and event hosting experience Holly is a natural in front of the camera and at keeping guests engaged

3. Can this workshop be customised?

Absolutely! Holly can customise recipes to suit specific seasons or event requirements. For example, juicing to improve natural immunity in the winter or using tasty seasonal ingredients! In some cases she can even include specific products in the recipes, however, these would have to compliment Holly's ethos so please do let us know your ideas when you make your enquiry. 

4. How long are the workshops?

You can book these workshops for either 50 or 90 minutes, the 90-minute version typically includes a 5-minute tea break so you can grab some refreshments

5. How many can participate in this workshop?
There's no minimum or maximum number of attendees and this will largely be guided by the video conferencing platform you are using. However, the number of attendees will impact on the level of interaction possible with our host.

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