Drag Taste - Bingo & Secrets

Virtual Drag Bingo

Captivating performances, an interactive bingo game, and a lucky winning potion comedy tutorial, this is the ultimate virtual drag party experience!
A unique and fun experience, expect to watch fire breathing, flying Drummers, Giant Pink Pianos with a pool on top with dancing drags queens on it!
Customisation is encouraged from our drag queens, why not incorporate client logos, colour themes, messaging and add those inside company jokes
Previous clients include Amazon, Google, Facebook, Calvin Klein, Nike, Parada and more!
Once your winner has been decided our drag queens will hang out, chat about drag culture, answer any questions your guests may have and toast life!

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1. What is involved in the Virtual Drag Bingo show?

Download your bingo cards, grab your lucky potion ingredients and get comfortable whilst our drag queens take you through the ultimate Virtual Drag Bingo experience from the comfort of your own sofa!

Expect to be mesmerised by high energy drag performances, a highly interactive and frankly hilarious bingo game and get stuck in as our drag queens teach guests how to create a VERY secret lucky cocktail potion.  There is a 90% chance that the bingo winner will be one of the lucky ones who create the delicious cocktail concoction! 

2. What do guests need to get involved in the workshop?

Guests will be sent an ingredients list prior to the virtual bingo and cocktail experience to source themselves prior to the event. This will include many everyday ingredients that can be sourced easily from local supermarkets. 

Guests will also need to download their special bingo cards prior to the event.

3. Can the show be customised for my client/company or guests?

Yes of course! Our drag queens love to make shows individual to each client. There are a few special ways you personalise your Virtual Drag Bingo experience. These include:

A colourful big drag cake ideal for any birthday celebration or company anniversary. Our beautiful drag queen can incorporate this into one of their stage performance and sing happy birthday in Portuguese. The song could also be personalised with your own original lyrics for that extra special touch!

Secondly, why not add a client logo to your bingo cards for that extra special touch. 

Thirdly, we can arrange for a videographer to attend the event and create a customised video of the virtual bingo experience to keep for years to come. The video can range from 3 minutes up to 15 minutes and will act as a lovely and unique keepsake for your guests.

Next, let's brand those bingo and scenery props with your logos, create custom costumes, theme makeup to your company colours and incorporate client messages or inside jokes. Our drag queens are open to customising pretty much anything and everything to your company!

Finally, why not create a completely customised bingo gameshow? Custom lyrics, choreography, props, dresses, makeup colours, incorporate messaging and jokes related to your company, family or friends are all possibilities. The list is endless, just ask! 

4. Is there a maximum amount of guests who can tune in to the virtual drag show?

Yes, a maximum of 1,000 guests can join in with the online bingo game experience.

5. How long is the virtual sangria and drag show?

The show will be approximately 60 minutes in length.

6. Can the show be pre-recorded as an alternative to a virtual live performance?

Unfortunately due to the required level of interaction our Virtual Drag Bingo experience cannot be pre-recorded for your guests.

7. Can the lucky option be non-alcoholic?

Yes definitely, for those who choose not to drink our drag queens can take your guests through a 'Virgin Lucky Potion' with just as much luck as the alcoholic version!

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Salesforce
  • Accenture
  • McKinsey & Co
  • Facebook
  • Electronic Arts
  • Pinterest
  • Nike
  • Prada
  • Calvin Klein



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