Virtual Latin Dance Workshop

Virtual Latin Dance Workshop

Get your guests moving with our interactive dance class, led by one of the industries finest dancers who trained alongside Strictly's Kevin Clifton
Really accessible this class is suitable for any skill level and can be adapted for guests who are absolute beginners or those more experienced
Fun and engaging, this health and wellbeing, exercise workshop will have guests dancing the key steps that make up any Latin dance in no time at all
Finish the class with a routine for our professional to judge with his Strictly score paddle, but don't worry he's a lot more generous than Craig!
Live-streamed using a professional camera and backdrops guests will feel like they're rehearsing in a real dance studio


1. What can I expect from this Online Latin Dance Workshop?

This is a live-streamed experience typically hosted over Zoom allowing our professional dancer to demonstrate each move and provide handy hints and tips in real-time. The 60-minute session starts with an introductory video of Latin dancing around the world to get guests in the mood for the class ahead. Then, after a brief introduction by our host, guests will begin an easy warm-up to some classic Latin tunes before diving straight into some of the key Latin steps broken down into easy to follow actions. The host will provide feedback as the class progresses to make sure everyone is having fun and picking up the steps. Throughout the workshop, you will be building towards learning a full routine jam-packed with classic dance steps ready to perform altogether at the end of the class!

2. Is this interactive?

Absolutely! Not only are all the guests actively engaging in learning each step, but the host is also able to provide feedback throughout the workshop. In addition, event guests are actively encouraged to ask questions as the class progresses. 

3. What do guests need to participate?

Guests will just need a device with a webcam and microphone to be able to watch the class on, a strong internet connection, some space to move around in and some comfy clothes and sturdy shoes.

4. How many can take part in this class?

This is largely guided by your video conferencing platform and our host is comfortable teaching as many as 300 guests. However, to allow for maximum interaction we recommend a maximum of 50 guests at any one time. 

5. How long is the workshop?

As standard, this workshop runs for 60 minutes however this can be adapted to accommodate your event schedule if needed 


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