Solo Aerial Silk Performer USA

Solo Aerial Silk Performer USA

This highly skilled female aerialist brings quality and class to your event as she performs breathtaking routines whilst suspended at a great height
Her wealth of experience and accolades include winning Aerialympics Nationals awards in 2019 and 2020.
Highly skilled in areas such as dance, music, character work and acting; her show can incorporate beautiful silk, aerial ribbons, a hammock or sling
A top choice for high-end corporate events, galas, brand launches, circus-themed events, weddings, private parties and more!
Based in Iowa, our top cirque aerialist is available to bring her incredible aerial choreographies to events throughout the USA

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  • Aerial Expo
  • En L’Air Aerial Dance Company
  • Dirty Pearl Productions
  • Vixen Vermillion Productions
  • Cirque Wonderland Entertainment
  • Oktemberfest
  • Miss Lyra Australia