The Ultimate Irish Virtual Quiz

The Ultimate Irish Virtual Quiz

Put your knowledge to the test and take on the Ultimate Irish Virtual Quiz, an Irish themed online quiz, perfect for online St Patrick's Day parties
Online guests must compete in different rounds featuring pictures, videos, music, and trivia, all inspired by the Emerald Isle
Uncover the truths behind Irish myths, identify iconic landmarks and dance along to a medley of songs by Irish legends like U2 and Sinead O'Connor!
The virtual quiz can be customised with branding, logos and booked in addition to other virtual activities, entertainment and even gift hampers!
Perfect for virtual St Patrick's Day events, alternative Irish celebrations, virtual team socials, virtual team-building events and more

Virtual FAQs

1. How does it work?

Our charismatic Irish host will welcome guests into the virtual space and lead them on a fun yet factual ride with this engaging quiz-style game on all things Irish! The game has a selection of engaging rounds where guests can challenge themselves. Rounds include: 

  • Myths & Legends

  • Irish Icons

  • Landmarks of Eire

  • Limerick Laughs

There may also be one or two surprise Challenge Rounds, such as a scavenger challenge where guests have to run and grab the most ridiculous green thing they can wear on their head!

Questions may take any of the following formats:

  • Picture clues - where they see photographs, close-up images and mixed-up pictures and must answer questions, identify them or spot the odd one out

  • Video Clip clues - Guests will be played sections of clips, which could be anything from Irish dancing, sporting moments or news stories, and will answer questions including what happens next, name the hero, or spot the item - Your powers of observation will really be put to the test!

  • Music clues- Players will listen to a medley of songs from Irish legends such as U2 and Sinead O'Connor and must answer tricky questions on both the music and the things they may have spotted in the videos.

  • Trivia clues - Guests will have a series of challenge questions about Irish landmarks, myths and legends, history, famous icons and fun facts!

The quiz is a great way to bring your team together in the virtual world. It also offers customisation with your logo and/or branding that can be featured on the welcome page as guests log in.  Guests can either play along individually via an online answer sheet - or between rounds they can go into breakout rooms and work as a team to answer each round's questions.

2. How long is the Ultimate Irish Virtual Quiz?

Approximately 60-minutes. The quiz can be shorter if required, please enquire for more information.

3. How many participants can take part?

This experience is available via Zoom and therefore can accommodate up to 500 guests. Please enquire if an alternative platform is required.

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