Virtual Eye Art Workshop

Virtual Eye Art Workshop

Virtual experiences developed by Eyeconart, artistic photographers who immortalize the beauty of the human eye with their own patented technology
Choose a virtual eye-themed quiz, a personalised report with celebrity eye match or learn something new in a fascinating live group webinar
Unique and memorable virtual activities to highlight the biological brilliance of the human eye, stimulate curious minds and reconnect guests online
Engage science and medical experts, health and beauty professionals, remote teams and social media influencers with our versatile Virtual Eye Art
All virtual services are brandable and available at hybrid and live events too, for a collective shared experience

Virtual Eye Art Workshop PHOTOS

Virtual Eye Art is a unique way to engage audiences online at virtual or hybrid events. To discover the live event experience, please see Eye Art Photography.

Virtual Eye Art experiences can be tailored to suit your needs. Choose from three great options:

  1. “Eye” Never Knew That - Think you know about eyes? Think again! Learn something new with an eye-themed quiz that’s also tailored to your event theme. 

  2. Personalised Report and Celebrity Eye Match - Participants can digitally submit a photo of their eye and our team will create a personalised sheet, detailing the eye’s unique features as well as a celebrity colour match.

  3. Live Webinar - Send our team photos of the guests' eyes (with their permission) before the event. Our crew then edits a selection of the best and turns them into a live online presentation with a fascinating tutorial about each eye plus Q&A. The chosen examples will represent a cross-section of colours and types.



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