DJ Living Statues

DJ Living Statues

Unique living human statues that also happen to be sensational DJs
Truly exceptional characters look and act like statues and have fun like party animals
Street entertainers and DJs make crowds dance and jump and provide a stunning photo opportunity
Suitable for festivals, private parties, nightclubs, beach parties, weddings, etc.
These DJ Living Statues are based in Portugal and available for bookings worldwide

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DJ Living Statues PHOTOS

Are you looking for the right street entertainers and DJs for your upcoming festival or event? What about combining these two things in one single act? This is precisely what these DJ Living Statues offer.

These unique street artists have mixed their talent as living human statues with their passion for DJing to create truly exceptional characters that will liven up any party and turn it into a real fiesta. Our street entertainers and DJs are guaranteed to put everybody in the party mood and make crowds dance until early hours in the morning.

More than simple human living statues, these original performers have the looks, the attitude and the skills to lift the spirits of every soul in a room. Both male and female street entertainers and DJs will transform into statues and will move and act like real ones.

These peculiar DJs will be the soul of your party and will help create a memorable experience for crowds to enjoy and talk about for years to come. They will create the perfect festive atmosphere at your event no matter the time of the year or the location. Their highly interactive act will definitely be the highlight of your event.

Our living statues and DJs are a highly demanded entertainment option by festivals, private parties, nightclubs, beach parties and weddings, among other special occasions. Originally from Portugal, these unique street entertainers regularly perform at festivals such as Insomnia and the Boom festival, where various live bands and other visual art variety shows and artists perform.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a variety or living statues and DJs for events, festivals and other occasions in Portugal and all over the world.

Enquire about these sensational DJ Living Statues by contacting us today. Our in-house team of Entertainment Specialists will be happy to provide further details on these street entertainers and DJs and assist you in the booking process.


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