Instant Fashion Show

Instant Fashion Show

A unique fashion experience perfect for a range of events
Can create stunning fashion pieces live on stage with minimal materials
Themes include: ‘Around The World’, ‘Instant Bride’ and ‘Evolution of Fashion'
Numerous TV appearances: Italia 1, Channel 5, TV Chile, RAI 1 and more
Based in Italy and available to perform at events worldwide

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In this unique performance, the artist takes a much done concept (catwalk) and adds a new element by creating stunning fashion masterpieces live on stage in just minutes, without cutting or sewing, using the barest of materials!

His stage performance combines high-octane music, tight choreographies and a dash of comedy with his incredible designer skills to create a high-end fashion extravaganza that will entertain and delight audiences of all ages. During the show he will create a whole range of fashion pieces from normal pieces of fabric or redesigned from clothing already being worn. He can transform his tie, trousers, sleeves and trench coat into a beautiful evening dress - anything is possible!

He has performed on international TV for channels such as Italia 1, Channel 5, TV Chile, RAI 1 and offers a range of different themes performances including:

  • Instant Wardrobe - A dress for every occasion.
  • Evolution of Fashion - Recalling iconic fashion from the 1920’s and 30’s.
  • Around the World - Showcasing a range of cultural outfits, dances and more.
  • The Myths - Iconic pieces from the wardrobes of stars including: Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Jessica Rabbit to name a few.
  • Style and Stylists - Recalling pieces by famous fashion designers including: Valentino, Versace, Gaultier and Yves Saint Laurent.

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