Medieval Themed Circus Carnival

Medieval Themed Circus Carnival

A medieval themed circus carnival that brings authentic medieval feast entertainment to the 21st century
This whimsical medieval show transports guests back in time and is highly engaging
Perfect for buffet style dinners, medieval themed events and any occasion that desires historic entertainment
Show features sword fights, juggling, sleight of hand, carnival stunts, comedy and more
Based in Calgary Canada and available for worldwide bookings

Medieval Themed Circus Carnival PHOTOS

Watch as your guests are transported back in time with this medieval themed circus carnival. Combining excellent circus performers with authentic medieval feast entertainment this medieval show boasts an immersive experience that is unique and guaranteed to stand out. 

Whether you are hosting a buffet style dinner, medieval themed event or even a Game of Thrones themed occasion, our whimsical characters provide a show that is packed with comedy, gripping action and lots of audience participation.With everything from the juggling jester to the bawdy king, beautiful princess and brave knight, this medieval show is guaranteed to impress guests and provide a unique performance that is different to the norm.

A one and a half hour show that features a fantastic script that combines seamless theatrical experience from act to act to ensure that each character and each scene flows into the next creating a high end show that will leave all guests wanting more.

Acts included in the show are as follows:

  • Sword Fights
  • Juggling
  • Audience Participation
  • Slight of Hand
  • Carnival Stunts
  • Comedy
  • and More!

The perfect addition to any event that wants to bring the essence of the medieval times to current day this dramatic and dynamic show will provide the ultimate feast entertainment.

To book our medieval themed circus carnival contact our Entertainment Specialists. 

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