Booking Brand Reveal Entertainment

Put your brand into focus with our memorable brand and product reveals

Build suspense and reveal your brand or launch your product with a bang. We offer a huge range of imaginative entertainment ideas to wow guests and deliver your logo or product with impact. No matter how big or small your reveal, discover art-based acts, illusionists, circus performers, augmented reality and holograms and unveil with flair! 

Entertainment for Brand and Product Reveals

Ensure that your logo or brand is the centre of attention at events with our exceptional customisable entertainment and shows.

Perfect as brand reveal entertainment, logo reveal entertainment, or when you need to incorporate your brand with wow-factor experiences at events, our roster brings together some of the world’s best brandable corporate entertainment. 

We can deliver established favourites such as branded LED poi dancers, tailored magic shows and bespoke sand animations, or help you discover the cutting edge of brand reveal entertainment using 3D and 4D video mapping groups, hologram & projections, building walkers and more.

Perfect for telling a brand story or celebrating a corporate milestone in your company, stage shows such as shadow dancers, live sand animations or video mapping can build mesmerising visuals to be watched by whole auditoriums of guests. Include specific dates, names, logos, themes, props, make your CEO appear on stage… the possibilities are endless!

Why not use your brandable corporate entertainment to create a video for social channels, marketing campaign or internal communications that can be watched over and over again? 

Having worked with some of the world’s top brands you can count on us to deliver memorable and exciting brand reveal entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How customisable are brand reveal acts?

The quick answer is that brand reveals are very customisable! Depending on your event, venue, theme and occasion, there are unlimited ways that we can tailor our brand reveal entertainment to suit your needs and deliver a unique spectacle for guests. 

From shadow dancers, aerialists and holograms to video mapping, sand animation and speed painters, we offer a whole host of innovative reveal options. 

How much space do I need?

We can advise you on entertainment to suit your space however big or small your venue. From an intimate roaming magician up to a huge stage production, there’s a brand reveal act to suit your needs.

What can I reveal?

We can reveal it all! From brand names and key messages to products and people, your logo, car, CEO or bride can appear with theatrics. Nothing is too big or too small.

What are new and exciting ways to reveal a brand?

Our high-tech acts are always coming up with new and exciting ways to reveal a brand. From fully digital video mapping and holograms to more traditional concepts with a technical edge, acts such as a robotic illustrator and drone shows, we can find the perfect memorable reveal for you.

Looking for something creative without technology? How about a live glass sculptor or Rubik’s cube artists? We have a whole roster of art-based entertainment that uses a range of materials for new and unusual brand reveals.

What type of corporate clients does Scarlett Entertainment work with?

We work with a hugely diverse range of corporate clients around the world. From fashion and beauty to technology, telecoms, travel, banking and sport, we create memorable logo reveals across industries. 

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