Roaming Magician Italy

Roaming Magician Italy

Roaming magician ideal for parties, weddings and corporate functions
Pickpocket magician, able to steal all of a volunteer’s personal effects
Card magic, coin magic and tricks involving small, personal items
Friendly and established magician goes down well with all audiences
Lucania-based act available for bookings worldwide

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Book our walkabout entertainment illusionist and give your event a superb roaming magician who can do a huge host of tricks as well as pickpocket. The close-up magic expert is adept at making audiences engage with each other during his performance and as such is an ideal booking for public space events where strangers congregate. 

Whether you’re booking a shopping festival or an act for your wedding breakfast, this roaming magician has got some tricks up his sleeve. He will mix and mingle with your guests, generating conversation and performing clever stunts that will have them in awe. Using objects common to this  kind of act, such as coins, pens and things that the audience might have about their person, he conjures an array of illusions that are both perplexing and funny.

He is an established card magician whose tricks tread a traditional path as well as contain his own, friendly style. These are clever as well as impressive and will have audiences interacting very quickly. This is a brilliant type of magic for seated events such as weddings, as it can use a table and is closer to the participants’ eye-lines.

For public events such as shopping centre festivals, footfall-driven brand activations and corporate expos, the magician can provide both walkabout entertainment and a stage show. The former contains all of his usual trickery; with tricks using cards, coins, pens, wallets, banknotes and the like. The stage-based act is his pickpocket act and is deeply impressive. After bringing a volunteer up on stage, he begins to rob them blind of all their personal possessions without their noticing - however the audience certainly do. 

This is a wonderful and humorous way to engage audiences and can be performed on any scale. Whether it’s in front of a group of pedestrians or for a seated audience of hundreds, the effect is always mesmerising and unbelievable - and people will always be sure to pay closer attention to their possessions while in public in the future!

To book our great walkabout magician in Italy, contact our team of dedicated entertainment coordinators today.