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Flag Dancers

Flag Dancers

Flag dancers bring a touch of style and elegance to your event
Combine contemporary dance and rhythmic gymnastics techniques
Colourful, joyful, exuberant and divine; they will WOW your guests
Perfect for indoor & outdoor events, corporate & themed events
Based in the UK and available for events world

Flag Dancers VIDEOS

This talented group of flag dancers bring style and elegance to any event with a choice of three distinct and unique performances.

Light Emitting Dance, St. George’s Day flag performance

This is a flag or red and white ribbon performance combining contemporary dance and rhythmic gymnastics techniques, including stilt performance. With an inspiring, spectacular score, staged performances can be worked to fit a wide range of performance spaces. All costume can be fitted with bright lights (visible in daylight) but work equally well unlit. These dancers can also appear as a wandering act, performing individually or in unison wearing their own music boxes if required. They have a large collection of coloured dresses ready made which can be altered to create a multitude of different looks. Colourful and exuberant, this act uses the space and introduces a generous splash of colour and energy.

The Fates, flag performance

This performance is beautiful in any environment, as a staged performance or stunning dance-about to fill your event with energy. For wandering performance, artists can wear portable sound systems and lights if required. They can dance in unison or separately, distribute flowers or treats whilst dancing, and also welcome and guide audience if appropriate. Shows can be set on traditional stages and all sorts of other spaces, shows are arranged to fit the event. Their large collection of dresses can be altered to suit any theme. This act is the perfect choice if you want to create a talking point or gentle interaction.

Hello Sailorettes, flag performance

Sail into the sunset on a nostalgic pleasure cruise with this nautical themed performance. Just what the ship’s doctor ordered for maritime themed events, and audiences of all ages. Portable sound systems and lights can be added to the dresses if required. This act can improvise or perform choreographed material, and interact with the audience whilst dancing (e.g. welcoming and guiding, handing out ships biscuits and chocolate anchors, applying faux anchor tattoos to audience members). They are also available for staged performance.


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