Portable Trampoline Stunt Team

Portable Trampoline Stunt Team

A live performance that showcases the outstanding talents of our portable trampoline stunt team
Performances promote brands and businesses leaving potential customers and guests thoroughly entertained and amazed
Taking pop up entertainment to the next level our wall trampolining athletes exceed expectations with their dynamic routines
Portable trampoline is fully customisable and can be branded with your company name and logo
Based in Liverpool, UK and available for worldwide bookings

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A live performance that showcases the exceptional talents of our portable trampoline stunt team, you and your guests will be left completely and utterly amazed by their dynamic and high flying routines. 

With no limit to where this high octane performance can be performed, our mobile trampoline team can quite literally perform anywhere and everywhere! 

Boasting a variety of different packages for your corporate event, our wall trampolining athletes provide a spectacular live show with customisable branding space that makes sure your company and brand gets noticed. 

Choose from the following:

  • Standard Branding – Over 80sqft of branding space 
  • Premium Branding – Over 265sqft of branding space in addition to customised clothing for our athletes from t-shirts to jumpers, cap and shoes. Our athletes can also wear themed costumes to tie into your event perfectly
  • Premium Plus Branding – Over 600sqft of branding space including customised clothing and costumes for our athletes

A performance that is guaranteed to dazzle onlookers with athletes that display the highest skillset in addition to incorporating comedy, slap stick acts to help tell a story and keep your guests engaged. 

Using effect systems designed to deliver a specific messages suitable for circuses, theatre and more, the possibilities of what this mobile trampoline stunt show can be booked for are endless. 

 A fantastic promotional tool that can also be booked to interact with spectators by giving out free samples of a product to help spread the word and raise your brand awareness. 

In addition to this, our team can create a performance that can be filmed and captured in photos for promotional material. Our wall trampolining athletes can also deliver a performance where they wear customised costumes whether it be superheroes, mascots, Father Christmas or whatever your event desires. 

A slick and extremely effective showcase that is exceptional for brand launches, PR stunts, product reveals, trade shows and corporate events these trampolining professionals are a guaranteed hit at every event. 

To book our Portable Trampoline Stunt Team contact our Entertainment Specialists today.

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