Corporate Pickpocket Jay Jay

Corporate Pickpocket Jay Jay

Hold on to your phone, watch and tie, as our Corporate Pickpocket Jay Jay takes audiences by complete surprise and leaves them in stitches
The ultimate corporate entertainment to engage, intrigue and entertain even the most discerning crowd
Incredibly funny, charming and interactive, Jay will become the talking point of your event and leave a lasting impression
Continues to impress corporate clients including household names and boasts over 30 million views on YouTube!
Based in the USA and available for worldwide bookings to break-the-ice, captivate a crowd and inducing side-splitting moments at international event

Corporate Pickpocket Jay Jay VIDEOS

Corporate Pickpocket Jay Jay PHOTOS

Keep a hold of your watch, phone, keys, tie and belt as our incredible pickpocket dazzles audiences of all ages with his hilarious comedy show and pickpocket act. Perfect for corporate entertainment, private parties and any occasion that desires a pickpocket show of the highest calibre. Our genius performer will amaze you and all of your guests.

Travelling all over the world our remarkable performer is quickly becoming one of the most in demand entertainers within the corporate market. With a charming and charismatic persona that allows him to walk into any room and engage with audiences and guests of all ages and backgrounds, this talented performer is guaranteed to provide entertainment that is enjoyed by all.

A corporate pickpocket show that is highly interactive, gripping and hilarious to witness, watch as our pickpocket manoeuvres around your guests diverting their attention and in a split second taking their possessions off of them without them even knowing!

A fantastic comedy show that is a brilliant addition to any event whether it be a corporate event, private function, gala dinner, or any occasion that desires a fun and charismatic performer to entertain their guests all night long.

Having worked with some of the biggest brands, our corporate pickpocket has over 30 million views on YouTube and has entertained and performed for audiences all over the globe. 

Guaranteed to astound and excite every person in the room, watch as our performer uses his charm, wit and light touch to pick the pockets of everyone he meets.

A unique yet thoroughly entertaining act that will have everyone checking their pockets! 

To book our corporate pickpocket contact our Entertainment Specialists today. 

To book our performer to host your event or perform magic visit our Corporate MC and Corporate Magician pages.

  • Coca Cola
  • Sony
  • Audi
  • Red Bull
  • YouTube
  • McDonald’s
  • Virgin
  • Hilton
  • Tata Motors
  • Google
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • BMW

" I've seen this pickpocketing stuff in the movies, but to watch it live was incredible to see! "

Sony, Asia

" He was professional, reliable, super easy to work with and most importantly, entertaining! "

McDonalds, Australia

" His electrifying personality and ability to connect with anyone is second to none! "

Virgin, Australia

" We always love working with Jay as he always makes our events a success! "

Youtube, Australia

" He made the night fun and stress free for us! "

Coca Cola, Australia

" An entertainment experience like no other is delivered day after day! "

Hilton, Australia

" Your magic, comedy and one to one entertainment was the biggest hit at our event! "

Google, USA

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