Hula Hoop Russia

Hula Hoop Russia

Incredible hula hoop performer with unbelievable skills
Themed or customised routines depending on client requirements
Suitable for corporate and high end through to family-friendly events
Highly versatile and visually exciting circus entertainment
Based in Omsk, Russia and available for events internationally

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Hula Hoop Russia is an incredible circus entertainer with incredible skills likely to blow away audiences of any age. Her dexterity, gracefulness and showmanship make her routines incredible visual displays that spectators cannot take their eyes off. 

Coming from a professional and diverse circus entertainment background, the hula hoop performer is a multi-talented artiste who creates exhilarating routines using multiple hoops. Featuring fluid body movements, incredible expertise and original ideas, Hula Hoop Russia is the perfect choice to wow audiences with a classic style of circus entertainment but with a contemporary twist.

Our hula hoop performer offers customisable and varied routines that can be fully tailored to client needs or specific event types. She has multiple costumes available to fit into themes and will work with different performance areas. A standard routine usually adopts a rock theme, but music can be adjusted depending on desired impact. 

Based in Omsk in Russia, the hula hoop performer has a experience delivering her extravagant routines for all types of occasions. Available for everything from family friendly events to high-end corporate functions, the hula hoopist can amaze any audience type. 

Top Tip:
Our talented circus entertainer is also available as an acrobatic aerial silk performer

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our Entertainment Specialists to book this exceptional hula hoop performer for your event or private party.