Interactive Giant Floor Piano

Interactive Giant Floor Piano

Fascinating giant floor piano played by walking or dancing on it
Inspired by the floor piano in the film Big with Tom Hanks
Duo provide a great live performance with foot piano playing and dancing
Audience members are invited to have a go
Based in Northern Italy and available worldwide

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Based on the iconic scene from the 1980s film Big where Tom Hanks finds a giant floor keyboard in the middle of a toy shop, our interactive giant floor piano offers that very same experience and can be enjoyed the world over. The giant musical instrument is an instant head turner and you can guarantee crowds will gather round in anticipation waiting to see what will happen with the floor piano and wandering if they can have a go. 

Our fantastic duo deliver an exhilarating performance playing the foot piano whilst dancing. The giant musical instrument is best played with feet and they have eloquently created a great live performance perfectly bonding foot piano and dance moves. The innovative live performance is fascinating to watch for audiences of all ages and is something completely unique.

After the live performance, the duo invites audiences members to have a go on the interactive giant floor piano. Little kids through to big kids love having a go a foot piano and trying to learn some of the songs the duo played beforehand. 

This wonderful giant musical instrument is a brilliant interactive entertainment option that never fails to amaze audiences. The clever constructed floor piano is easily assembled and disassemble and can be transported to any location around the world to bring joy to multiple audience types. 

If you would like to book the superb interactive giant floor piano, whatever your event might be, get in touch with our team of entertainment Experts who are always more than happy to help. 

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