Pole-Torcion - Tanya Bogino

Acrobatic Pole Dancer

Incredible pole dancer and acrobatic contortionist creates a unique spectacle
Awe-inspiring performances will bring grace and style to your event
Demonstrates remarkable flexibility and strength on vertical burlesque pole
Ideal for corporate functions, parties, festivals, fashion shows and more
Based in Florence, Italy, and available to perform at events worldwide

Acrobatic Pole Dancer VIDEOS

Acrobatic Pole Dancer PHOTOS

Our sensational acrobatic pole dancer is certain to wow audiences at your event as she delivers dynamic and exciting entertainment in the form of an enthralling and inspiring pole dance show that will thrill and amaze your guests.

Demonstrating incredible agility, strength, creativity, and technical skill, our fantastic acrobatic event dancer offers a unique visual spectacle as she brings together the disciplines of contortion and pole dancing in order to create a real impact at your next private or corporate function. 

Showcasing remarkable acrobatic ability, this talented pole dancer defies gravity as she performs a series of moves such as climbs, limb grips and spins, whilst also contorting her body into seemingly impossible positions for a truly captivating and one of a kind show. 

Suitable for corporate functions, parties, fashion shows, festivals, product launches and more, enquire today about bringing this brilliant dancer to your event.

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