Silver Belle

Aerialist & Circus Artist

Elegant and graceful with a sense of fun and British humour our circus performer's shows are a delight
This aerialist and circus artist offers a broad spectrum of performances: aerial hoop, silks, juggling, street theatre shows and fire shows
Highly experienced circus artist has performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, FRINGEWORLD Australia, Nottingham University and more
Perfect circus entertainment for corporate events, festivals, themed events, private parties and more
Based in Sheffield UK and available to perform at events worldwide

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Our aerialist and circus artist offers an exhilarating range of aerial and ground-based acts that are certain delight guests at your event.

Our circus performer has always been enamoured with dance, movement and performance and has a huge range of skills to her credit including classical ballet, tap dance, capoeira, juggling, diabolo, devil sticks, fire manipulation, and aerial acrobatics.
This aerial acrobat offers tailorable performances that can be customised to suit your specific theme or colour scheme and she has a number of bespoke costumes available so you can ensure her performances will be the cherry on top of your themed event. 

Multi-skilled Circus Performer

With such a wealth of performance experience and skills, our circus performer can offer a diverse range of performances that include:
  • The Harlequins
    Performed as an aerial silk or hoop duo act with stunning harlequin costumes, the aerial acrobats perform a merry masquerade perfect for themed events. Mesmerising moves and impressive tumbles will captivate audiences.
  • Adagio Duet
    Telling the tale of a lovers relationship through partner lifts, spins, leaps and balances, this passionate performance is a true juxtaposition between strength and grace.
  • Solo Aerial Hoop & Silks
    This aerial acrobatic performance showcases contemporary dance and contortion elements, and striking gravity-defying drops and rotations.
  • Health & Safety Juggling Duo
    A comedy juggling sketch with a mischievous rogue juggler and prim health and safety representative! Will he be able to convince our circus performer that juggling isn’t dangerous at all?
  • Fire Show
    Featuring fire-palm dancing, poi spinning, and club juggling this carefully choreographed fire show set to music will really turn up the heat at your event! 
  • Street Theatre Show
    Hilariously nonsensical street theatre show that combines dance, acrobatics, audience participation and daring stunts with a good dose of British humour

Experienced Aerialist and Circus Artist

This aerial acrobat and circus performer has performed around the world as a member of The Lydney State Circus, performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and FRINGEWORLD in Australia, she has toured Madagascar with the circus troupe ‘Les Pailles en Feu’ and has taught at KinderZirkus Wannabe’s youth circus in Germany.
Our circus performer will be the perfect addition to a range of events including festivals, club nights, corporate ceremonies, gala dinners, themed events and more. 
To book our highly-skilled aerialist and circus artist contact our dedicated team of entertainment coordinators today.
  • Hull Street Food Festival
  • Nannup Festival - Western Australia
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • The Medieval Banquet - Tower Hill London
  • Crealy Christmas Spectacular
  • FRINGEWORLD Australia
  • ..and many more!
  • Nottingham University

" …I would definitely recommend her for any performing job, particularly those that involve improvisation. "

Urban Angels Circus

" …not only a strong and creative performer but she is also a delight to work with and very dedicated to her art. "

Greentop Circus

" …a beautiful, skilled and imaginative performer – highly recommended. "

Exmouth Town Council

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