Sankofa Dance Theater

African Dancers and Drummers

African dancers and drummers bring an authentic African art form of dance, music and folk to both national and international audiences
A Maryland African dance troupe that has over 28 years of experience
Our drumming act and dancers provide an uplifting performance that tells stories of traditions in Africa
Can be booked as an exciting dance and drumming performance or for their brilliant Youth Arts Programme
Based in Maryland, USA and available for worldwide bookings

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An exciting and powerful Maryland African dance troupe that builds on their rich legacy of African traditions through movement, music and magical folkways. Our African dancers and drummers perform an unforgettable show of raw talent and heritage as they present their drumming act with dancers, uplifting music, song, strong narratives and stories of traditions in Africa. 

Combined with colourful and vibrant costumes, our African dancers light up every occasion with their contagious energy and zest for life. With performances that celebrate their African heritage and pay tribute to multicultural diversity, the messages our Maryland African dance troupe convey through music and dance is breath taking and an experience that your audiences and guests will always hold onto. 

In addition to performing exciting traditional dance routines and drumming acts, our incredible African dancers and drummers also offer workshops for children with their Youth Arts Programme that works professionally with children by combining African dance forms with storytelling, crafts and song with maths, logic and science to help improve the quality of education and life amongst young people.

With over 28 years of experience in performing and working within the community to share their rich African heritage our African dance troupe is perfect for corporate events, private parties, conventions, conferences and any occasion that desires and authentic African dance and drumming group to brighten up their stage and bring their vibrant culture to their event.

To book our exuberant African dancers and drummers contact our Entertainment Specialists!

  • Roots Festival
  • Annual Black History Month Concert
  • Blais Senghor Cultural Center
  • Harvest Concert
  • Le Studio de Ballet Guinea
  • SMILE Fund Raiser
  • The Rotterdam International Arts Festival
  • and many more...
  • Annual Kunta Kinte Festival
  • Annual Celebrate the African Spirit
  • Dance Africa
  • Kairaba Beach Hotel
  • Roots Festival
  • The Native Land
  • ArtScape

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